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Bookbinding terminology refers to this style as original binding; however, in practice, this term often describes rebounded books that match its style or even those rebounded differently than issued initially by publishers.

There may be various reasons for someone to desire having their book rebounded with its original binding. One is due to the poor condition of its current binding that requires repair; two, it could be rare or valuable, and its owner wants to preserve it; three, they find it more aesthetically pleasing than rebound bindings.

No matter the reason behind your desire to preserve an original binding, there are some things to remember when having a book rebound in its original binding. First and foremost is finding an experienced bookbinder capable of replicating it accurately. Second is having access to a copy to replicate it precisely; third is cost – keeping a book’s original binding can be pretty costly, so ensure the investment will pay off!

Original binding is vitally essential for multiple reasons. First, it protects the spine of a book while holding together its pages. Second, original binding can add value to rare or collectible editions and could play an essential part in determining its resale or insurance value.

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