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An ex-library book is any book borrowed and returned by a library, with its logo or stamp visible on its spine and often attached barcode on its back cover. While ex-library books generally don’t hold as much collectibility value as non-library ones, they still can be quite valuable and collectible.

An ex-library book may appeal to collectors for various reasons. An out-of-print title has only ever been available through library sales, or there is only a rare first-edition copy. Whatever their motivation, collectors should remember that ex-library books do not hold as much value as those that have never seen library use.

Are they buying ex-library books? Make sure that before making your decision, all pages are present and in good condition; additionally, double-check the barcode is undamaged and intact.

Ex-library books are:

  • An integral part of literary culture
  • Providing access to material they otherwise might not find easily and offering people an avenue to donate books to libraries for storage.
  • Helping keep shelves full of fresh material.

Though ex-library books may not be in perfect condition, they remain an economical way of purchasing more books. Ex-library books typically sell for a fraction of their original price – making them a smart budget buy. Before purchasing one, however, be sure to inspect it as there may be missing pages or damage; overall, ex-library books offer great bargains!

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