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A book that was printed specially for a book club (e.G. Companion book club) that often utilizes a lesser quality paper and binding materials. These editions are usually available by book club subscription only and are generally of little interest to collectors.

A book club edition (BCE) is a type of book that is published specifically for book clubs. These editions are usually less expensive than regular editions and often have different covers or bindings. BCEs are usually produced in large print runs and are often remaindered when book clubs finish their reading programs.

BCEs are often printed on lower quality paper and are not as finely bound as regular editions. However, they are still considered to be part of the first printing of a book.

One of the most popular book clubs, the Book-of-the-Month Club, began offering BCEs in 1931. These were initially only available to members of the club, but they were soon made available to the general public.

BCEs can be a good way to save money on books. They are also a good way to get access to books that might otherwise be out of print.

The term “book club edition” (BCE) is most commonly used in the publishing industry to refer to a special edition of a book that is produced specifically for sale to members of a book club. While a BCE is typically printed in large quantities and sold at a discount, it is usually of the same or higher quality than the regular edition of the book.

BCEs can be an important source of revenue for publishers, as they allow book clubs to offer their members significant discounts on popular titles. In addition, BCEs can help to generate buzz and excitement around a book, which can lead to increased sales of the regular edition.

While BCEs are not essential to the publishing process, they can be a valuable tool for publishers, booksellers, and book clubs.

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