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Book clubs are read-along meetings where readers gather to talk about books they enjoy reading – often focused on specific genres or types of literature such as mysteries, science fiction, or biographies; many book clubs meet in public libraries, while some host private meetings.

Book clubs typically follow a set format: members take turns leading the discussion, while everyone is free to read and discuss whatever book(s) are in front of them. Some clubs even provide reading lists from which members may select titles for discussion.

Some book clubs may be informal; others more structured. Online ones give readers from all around the globe a way to come together over books.

Why Join one? For many, joining a book club is an effective way of discovering new books while meeting people and making friends – plus, it can be loads of fun!

Book clubs typically consist of several essential elements, including:
1. Reading Circle = Group of people who share an interest in reading
2. An effective leader or facilitator ensures that the discussion remains on track
3. A regular time and place for you all to meet
4. An assortment of books to be discussed collectively
5. A method for tracking progress and sharing ideas (including blogging, joining a Facebook group, or simply using Google Docs)

Book clubs take many forms. Some groups meet over drinks or dinner to discuss a book; others meet online through forums or video chat. While some assign homework, others provide space for socializing and discussion.

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