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Large print is when a bigger font size than the norm for standard text is used. This printing style is found in educational or workplace documents, books, and other materials made for people with sight problems.

The largest size that can be classed as large print is 18-point type – about twice as big as a normal body copy. Other common sizes include 16pt, 14pt and 12pt. If you have more serious sight problems, even larger fonts, such as 24-point- or 36-point, are available.

There are many reasons why large-print material can be helpful if you have vision issues. It makes reading easier if your eyesight isn’t good or you struggle to focus on small text. Dyslexic readers also benefit from it.

There are different ways to get hold of large-print versions of documents, reports, books, etc. Most public libraries will offer collections and may have special machines that magnify standard printed items so they’re easier to read.

Some commercial publishers specialize in producing large-print books. Public libraries usually keep their stock of large-print stuff separate from everything else – often with its area – while some bookshops carry a range too, including popular novels and non-fiction across multiple genres.

Importance of Large Print:
Readability enhancement: mainly if you experience vision difficulties, find regular-sized books hard-going, or need extra help with comprehension when reading.
Portability: because they take up less space than normal-sized volumes, they’re handy for carrying around with you, storage at home, etc.
Affordability: often, the price tag will be lower than a regular book, so they tend to be accessible/affordable for many people.

To produce a book in large-paper edition format, an oversized sheet (or pages) would initially be printed before being trimmed down into smaller individual pages. The result is a book bigger than the standard-sized version but retains a somewhat “normal” form compared to full-on folio-sized volumes.

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