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Slipcases are protective containers or sleeves designed to store and transport books, magazines, catalogs, and other printed materials such as magazines. Slipcases typically consist of cardboard, paperboard, or cloth construction with soft velvet felt or foam linings for ultimate protection and easy transport.

Moreover, slipcases are cardboard or paperboard boxes used to protect and store books or sets of books, typically slightly larger than their contents and featuring an open top. Custom slipcases may be produced according to specific book dimensions, while mass-produced ones come in standard sizes.

Slipcases are used for hardcover books intended to be displayed on a bookshelf, such as limited, deluxe, and collector’s editions. In addition, they provide more protection than standard book jackets during storage and transport.

Some slipcases are intended for reuse, while others are disposable. Reusable slipcases typically feature thicker cardboard or paperboard construction, while disposable slipcases use thinner materials.

Slipcases come in all sorts of materials, from cardboard and paperboard to cloth, wood, leather, and plastic – even plain materials like cardboard can be customized and decorated to identify books by author or title.

Furthermore, slipcases typically ship flat and require assembly before use. Most can be assembled using glue or tape; some models even feature interlocking tabs for easier assembly.

Slipcases are protective cardboard or paperboard boxes used to house hardcover books, protecting them from wear and tear and making storage and transport easy. Publishers use slipcases to safeguard limited edition, collectible books, while booksellers often utilize them to save valuable books against damage.

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