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“Book block” refers to the main body of a book composed of all its pages bound together containing texts, images, illustrations, or any other media used as its interior content. Book blocks have many uses in publishing – from creating scrapbooks and photo albums to creating photo journals and journals – even being used to form books themselves!

The book block comprises folded sheets of paper called signatures that have been folded together, sewn, or glued along their spine, then trimmed for smooth edges. Since it forms the cornerstone of any physical book, its protective cover or binding often encases it to ensure reader interactions remain positive while opening and reading the pages of its content. Layout, typography, and design aspects of its construction and production play an integral role in the reading experience.

Publishers and printers consider various factors when considering book blocks, including page size, layout, margins, and pagination – each playing a role in shaping the aesthetics and readability of a printed book.

Book blocks come in all shapes, colors, and materials imaginable – A4 being the most widely sold standard at 8.27 inches by 11.69 inches; other popular dimensions are A5, 5.83 inches by 8.27 inches), A6 (4.13 inches by 5.83 inches) and A7 (2.91 inches by 4.13 inches). Though black, gray, and brown options can also be popular, white tends to be the go-to color.

Book blocks can be created from many materials, from paper and other sheets of material such as fabric and metal to wood and fabric.

  • With its affordability and wide variety of colors, weights, and textures – paper is often chosen as its material!
  • Fabric book blocks have quickly gained popularity as people search for alternatives to paper books. Being durable and easily washable makes fabric ideal for photo albums and scrapbooks.
  • Metal book blocks, typically composed of aluminum or steel, can provide durability for hardcover books.
  • Wooden book blocks offer you unique possibilities to craft stunning books.

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