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Sewn means a binding technique for books using thread or twine. In this manner, printed sheets are folded along their fold lines and are sewn using a thread. Once they have aligned the folded sections commonly known as signatures, a thread is threaded through their center, producing loops that connect these signatures and sections of bindings.

Sewing books make their pages adhere and hence avoid slipping during several uses and handlings. It is an age-old strategy of binding books that has been used to ensure that the pages do not come loose when reading them. Moreover, the pages are designed to stay in place during repetitive reading sessions as strong support structures are provided to minimize accidental dislodging.

Unlike adhesive bindings, sewn bindings keep their construction, enabling the book to lie open for better reading. Furthermore, this technique guarantees clean cutting of the pieces, and they do not move from the positions or loosen up later.

Sewn bookbinding is more appropriate for books that receive heavy use as reference books, textbooks, and library volumes. The implementation of their books ensures that they are not damaged, allowing readers of their books to enjoy continuous reading without interruption.

The term “sewn” refers to tying or sewing together pages of books using thread or twine, essential methods, and ensuring strength, durability, and longevity in books that sustain frequent handling and reading occasions. This technique is usually utilized in hardcover books or high-quality publications where pages need to stay put while open. It also makes it possible to read reference books, such as textbooks, from memory cards instead of physical library volumes to ensure a reliable reading experience.

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