The 2020 Guide For The Best Youtube Profile Picture Size

by CJ McDaniel // May 21  

Youtube ranks second as the most popular social media platform. With approximately 500 million hours of viewing sessions daily and more than 1.5 billion users, the marketing potential for any brand or video marketer is HUGE. 

Being a successful Youtuber is one of the most coveted professions these days. But believe it or not, it takes more than just creating viral video content to make it to the top.

Making your channel looks professional in all its aspects is very important, and that includes nailing the perfect profile picture size. 

In this article, we are going to explore the do’s and don’t of choosing your Youtube profile picture size, some useful tips and tricks, and a whole lot more!

What Is a Youtube Profile Picture?

youtube-profile picture size picture

Your YouTube profile picture is the thumbnail image that appears next to your channel’s name on all your videos. It is also known as the YouTube avatar or channel icon. This is also the small image that appears beside your name when you comment on any video.

Do not confuse your Youtube profile picture with your channel art. Youtube channel art or Youtube banner functions similarly to a Facebook cover photo. You can only see it whenever a user clicks on your channel.

Why Is Youtube Profile Picture Important?

Whenever you make any sort of engagement on Youtube– like commenting on your or another one’s video, your users are taken to your channel whenever they click on your profile picture.

Another reason to take the effort in choosing your YouTube profile picture is that it is the same icon you use throughout all your Google profiles such as Gmail and Google+.

Choosing a great profile picture for YouTube is an excellent way to maximize the potential of your visibility in the digital community. So make it count.

What Are the Ideal Dimensions for a Youtube Profile Picture?

Before you upload your best photo or brand logo as your YouTube profile picture, you should be aware of its dimensions and ideal size. 

Always upload a YouTube profile picture with a size of 800 x 800 pixels. If you are familiar with Twitch or Instagram, they also have the same profile picture dimensions.

However, it would help if you take note that YouTube profile pictures always have a circular crop. This means that any graphic or textual element within the four corners of the 800 x 800 square will not be displayed.

You must learn how to maximize the 800 x 800 window. If your profile picture will be displayed in a circle, you should know how to incorporate the best features of your profile picture in the limited size allowed. 

If you don’t take this factor into account, your profile picture will look somewhat like this:

youtube profile picture size profile

Can you see how the corners in the picture are cut and some of the text aren’t even visible? YouTube’s in-house template will automatically delete any elements that don’t fit inside the circle frame.

Tips on How to Maximize Your Youtube Profile Picture

Whether you’re updating the whole look of your channel, or you’re starting from scratch, this tips will be useful in maximizing the potential of your YouTube profile picture:

  1. Be Consistent With All Your Social Media Accounts

One of your goals should be to establish your brand and be known within the digital community, not just on YouTube.

Maintaining the same profile picture on YouTube with your other social media channels makes you very visible to your audience, especially if they want to find you on other social media platforms.

Here is a great example from the channel Brave Wilderness: 

Their Youtube profile picture:

youtube profile picture size profile picture

Instagram profile picture:


Twitter profile picture:


Doing this also establishes consistency, especially when your account is not yet verified. 

  1. Don’t Overdo It On The Text

The size of your YouTube profile picture doesn’t leave you much room to work with. This means when viewing YouTube icons on smaller devices, the profile picture will look even smaller.

This is why it’s essential that you make your profile picture as simple as possible. If you’re going to put text, make sure that they are readable on all kinds of screens. It will be useless when your users can’t read the text inside your profile picture.

You might be itching to put some small details inside your profile picture, but trust us when we say it will only make your avatar look cluttered and all over the place.

Here is an example:


This screenshot picture was taken from a desktop, but the text inside the profile picture still isn’t readable. Imagine if you open this channel on your mobile device!

  1. Match Your Profile Picture With Your Channel Art


This step is not that necessary, but it looks really good when your profile picture matches with your YouTube channel art.

This creates a cohesive look for your channel, which is a major plus in your channel design.

You don’t have to take drastic steps into making this happen. Just put on some complimentary design themes or colors to make your profile picture and cover photo look coordinated. 

  1. Consider Your Viewers’ Preference

Depending on your individual brand, your Youtube profile picture should also make a good impression on your potential subscribers and viewers. 

If you want to come across as funny, then your Youtube icon better not be serious! Show a little bit of your personality to your profile picture. This way, your viewers would be eager to know more about you! 

Take a look at vlogbrothers’ profile picture:


Just by looking at their profile picture, viewers will instantly feel that their videos border on quirkiness. They’ve managed to exactly capture the essence of their brand, which is why they have so many subscribers


Picking out the best Youtube profile picture size is non-negotiable if you want to have a thriving Youtube career. That 800 x 800 image size may be small, but it can definitely affect your viewers’ impression of you. 

A properly-sized Youtube avatar is just as important as picking out your channel art and Youtube intro. Winging it is the worst mistake you could ever make, so make sure you take the time to select the right one! 

Hope these tips help you a lot in your Youtube career. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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