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by CJ McDaniel // February 25  

Our Superpower Generator makes it easy for authors to come up with unique power combinations for heroes and villains in their stories and comics.

One of the things that takes up a significant amount of time when writing superhero based novels or comics is figuring out what combinations of powers to impart to your heroes and villains. 

The task can take quite a toll on your creativity, and we understand if, at one point, you’ll feel overly frustrated on how to develop these characters’ abilities. 

Want an easy way to get the job done? Check out our Superpower Generator! We made this free tool for superhero fantasy novel authors who wish to explore more options when it comes to superpowers. 

But if you’re just someone who wonders what otherworldly abilities you can have, feel free to use our tool too! 

Our superpower generator is free and easy to use. We have curated hundreds of superpowers and all you have to do is click the “Generate A Power” button! 

Go and try it out now! 

SuperPower Generator


How to Maintain the Magic in Your Story

Now that you have used our Superpower Generator and outlined your characters’ abilities, let’s talk about how to keep your story exceptional and extraordinary. 

Here are some tips and ideas to help your superheroes’ supernatural abilities stand out! 

  1. Use them sparingly

No matter what abilities you get out of our superpower generator make sure that you don’t overuse them. Just because your character knows how to fly, doesn’t mean his feet will never touch the ground for the duration of your story. If you overuse your characters’ abilities too much, the full effect will be diluted, and your readers won’t get that excited anymore. 

Try to depict more scenes without using your characters’ superpowers. You could even insinuate that the powers have limitations or outside circumstances that force your characters not to use their abilities often. 


  1. Boost the cost of the powers

On the off chance that the choice to utilize the superpowers is notable, the powers will presumably be progressively extraordinary and fascinating. Here are some excellent examples that can be used for inspiration to your story: 

  • Resources/Ingredients – Mr. Freeze from Batman requires diamonds to charge his death rays. But since he’s a villain, he doesn’t need to worry about moral choices, which means he can easily rob a jewelry store. 

 If your character had the same problem, it would be more challenging to acquire the resources that he needs. 

  • Unintentional or Involuntary Transformation – This means that your character has little control when it comes to transforming to his or her super self. The transformation can be set off for a couple of reasons. 

 For example, The Hulk is triggered by his emotions. Werewolves can only transform when there’s a full moon. Kurama’s old demon powers awakened when he witnessed the death of his friend Yusuke, etc. 

  • Approval/Relationships – In Bitter Seeds, every use of magic endangers the main character’s alliance with a companion that firmly objects to the utilization of magic. There might be a few angles to a character’s powers that annoy others.
  • Moral Corrosion – Take a look at the effects of Frodo’s Ring, Spiderman’s Venom symbiote, and other uses of magic. This is distinct from a nature shift in that it’s typically increasingly steady and drains more into the character’s unpowered life.
  • Endurance – Using superpowers can be physically draining, and they can only last for so long. There may be instances where your characters need to fight without using their superpowers. 
  1. Describe the experience of using the powers

Entice your readers by illustrating your characters’ experiences when using their powers. You don’t just simply say, “Jane teleported to Chicago.” 

You could add details like, “Chicago hits her at billions of miles per hour and she’s set up like an astronaut strapped in during departure. The heat causes it to feel like her eyes are going to melt, and she can’t walk straight direction for minutes after she arrives.” 

Doesn’t that sound more exciting? 

  1. Try an array of uses

For instance, rather than pretty much mentioning interchangeable battle scenes, you can utilize various settings and conditions. Rather than doing fight battles simultaneously, maybe you blend in a scene where the characters are getting away or pursuing another group.

  1. Talk about the process 

Unless you’re planning on doing fantasy/hard science fiction, you don’t have to write pages after pages on how magic channeling or ionic thrusters work. However, the scenes highlighting the dealings between the villainous spirits and hero warlocks were some of the most exciting parts of Bitter Seeds. 

Here are other examples you can apply to your story: 

  • Training/Practicing
  • Illustrating how a highly intelligent character observes and deals with minor details
  • How he character’s power suit or gadgets work 

SuperPower Checklist

Here is a handy checklist from Superhero Nation that can help you write about your characters’ superpowers: Can you explain the character’s powers in 1-2 sentences?

  1. Will you be able to challenge this character in a variety of scenes easily? (If the character is invulnerable, the answer is probably no, unless you’ve set up challenges besides trying to kill the character. Source Code was an effective example of that).
  2. Will readers understand what this character can do, or is it just like the author’s making it up as he goes along? (If the character’s powers have “reality” in the name, it’s probably the latter).
  3. Are the character’s powers versatile? (If your main character is a super strong tank or a flying brick, it may help to give him a more exotic side-power to help keep his fights from getting repetitive).
  4. If you’re writing a comic, will this character’s powers give you exciting visuals? (If you’re writing a novel, this isn’t nearly as important).

Original Abilities With Our SuperPower Generator

Our Superpower Generator is designed to curate original superpowers that you might not think of otherwise. Instead of racking your brain all day trying to come up with impressive abilities for your book cast, just head on to our Superpower Generator website and score some unique superpower finds! 


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