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Keys to Developing Author-Centric Social Media Campaigns

Have you written a book and are looking to promote it within the next few months? If so, you need some key strategies for using social media as it pertains to writers.

social media for authors

The publishing industry is huge right now. For example, the US publishing industry had a revenue of $28 billion in 2015. You will need to get great social media strategies in order to make your book stand out from the rest.

If you want to be successful when your book is released, you will need to develop a strong strategy on social media for writers.

Take a look at our top five tips below. Let’s get into it!

Search engine optimization

One of the best ways to get more people to your website and your book is to optimize your keywords. Search engine optimization or SEO is based on using the right keywords in your blogs and website pages in a manner that will get your search engine ranking higher up.

Using SEO will lead you to compete more effectively in the large publishing industry. You will find that your particular topic and your book will be placed higher up online if you use the right keywords and tags.

If you are writing a blog article about your book and its upcoming release,  be sure to add a relevant keyword in the title, the introduction, and several times throughout the piece.

Also, you might want to link your keywords to other websites online or to a previous blog you wrote. Using SEO will be great for your upcoming book release.

Social media for writers needs Twitter and Facebook

Marketing your work on Twitter is important in today’s publishing industry. After all, there are at least 328 million monthly active Twitter users around the globe.

You will need to be creative on Twitter since you are only given 140 characters to write in for each tweet. You will need to figure out who to tag and the right hashtags to use.  Mostly, you need to target the right audience for your book.

When you search for a hashtag, figure out if they’ve been used in the last month and how popular they are overall. Figure out whether you need to write more formally or in a more relaxed manner. This will largely depend on your audience.

For a successful tweet, use two hashtags instead of more or less. Twitter will be imperative for getting people to buy your books. Before you know it, your books will be flying off the shelves!

When you are trying to come up with a strategy for Facebook that could sell more books, you might want to start with a short call to action on your Facebook page.

You could also write something funny that will get people talking or ask a question for more engagement. Facebook users tend to share great posts so try to make your information exciting and shareable.

Try to hook your readers so that they click on your article and may purchase your book online as well. Be sure to add images and photos on Facebook to get more engagement from your audience.

The benefits of LinkedIn

When looking at social media for writers, you might find yourself drawn to LinkedIn.  This social media platform is meant specifically for professionals and businesses.

If your book is aimed at a more professional path, LinkedIn may be the right choice for you.

Any posts that you make on LinkedIn should really show the value to a business or a career. You don’t necessarily need to find a large following on LinkedIn since many of your posts will likely get viewers solely based on keywords and topics.

Any posts that you make on LinkedIn should really show the value to a business or a career. You don’t necessarily need to find a large following on LinkedIn since many of your posts will likely get viewers solely based on keywords and topics.

Feel free to add thought leadership content as this type of writing gets more viewers on LinkedIn.

Management tools for social media

social media for writers

HootSuite and Buffer are great for managing your social media posts. Social media management tools like these are essential for a strong and vibrant social media strategy.

If you have a large community vying for your publications, you’ll need these tools to manage all of your posts.

These dashboards will also show what other people in your community are posting. This makes it much easier for you to share and retweet posts.

HootSuite allows you to schedule posts ahead of time as well as keep all of your social media accounts in one place. Social media management tools will be essential for your brand marketing and selling your book.

Target the right audience and build a community

You will need to know the target market for your book. You can figure this out by learning about the demographics of your audience.

Social media will allow you to get feedback on your book almost instantaneously. Use this feedback to learn more about your audience and figure out how to meet their needs or address their wants in future publications.

Reading reviews and gathering information from your readers can help you expand upon your future Publications and change some key ingredients in your writing style. For example, if you see a lot of photos of people reading your book at the beach,  you can market it as a travel read.

When trying to build a community through your social media platforms, be sure to discuss other authors and other novels out there.

Find the right people to connect with through your online platforms. Connect with readers who are following authors in your publishing topic.

These five tips on social media for writers should help you become more well-known and sell more books. You’ll get a great fan base before you know it!

Do you have any other tips for improving your social media presence? If so, let us know in the comments below! And if you have any questions, contact us here.

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