Bookstagram For Beginners: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

by CJ McDaniel // July 5  

If you enjoy reading or you’re an author, having a bookstagram account is a great way to show your interests. Also, if you want to network with people who love and have the same interests. Then that’s the best place to go.

Are you thinking of starting a bookstagram but don’t know how to go about it? You’ve come to the right place. Building a bookstagram account is like a journey. You have to begin from somewhere.

This post is a beginner’s guide that’ll help you bookstagram like a pro.

What Is A Bookstagram?

Bookstagram is a part of Instagram that accommodates book lovers. They include authors, libraries, booksellers, bookworms, etc. It allows you to review, share and discuss books with like-minded people.

Bookstagram is a community, which connects people that have close interests and a love for books. It’s the best place to find your next read.

How To Start A Bookstagram

Here are some steps that’ll help you start your bookstagram.

Step#1: Pick a username

Choose a catchy username that will portray your brand. Pick a username that’s easy to remember and can define what you do. Brainstorm with basic names; be careful not to choose a username that’s overused or not creative.

You can look at usernames of other bookstagram accounts to come up with ideas. Search for #bookstagram to see more accounts. Then write down a few names that you come up with. You can ask some friends to help you choose.

Finally, write a catchy phrase or your name as your display name.

Step#2: Choose a niche

Many bookstagrammers have lots of great content, so you need to narrow it down to a niche to stand a chance. Pick a scope you find interesting such as a book category, book club reads, and so on. Choose a genre that you enjoy and create content around it.

Bear in mind your reason for creating a bookstagram. It’ll help you make a better decision.

Step#3: Upload a profile picture

A profile picture contributes to attracting followers. You can use your picture, and it’s even better if you’re holding a book. You can also use a photo that relates to books. Another option is to use editing software to create a logo as your profile picture.

Step#4: Write a bio

The next thing is to write a catchy bio. A good bio helps people to know details of what you do and attracts followers. You can use a quote, comment, or a book thought as your bio. You can state the book you’re reading on it or even a challenge from time to time.

Additionally, you can add a link to your bio in the website section.

Step#5: Use a business account

It’s best to use a business account as it allows you to see the progress of your posts. It also helps you to know what appeals to your audience better. Go to your account settings, and select the option for a business account. Then, select a personal blog. Add your email address.

However, if you don’t plan on selling products on your account, choose the creator account. You can share your new bookstagram account with your friends and family. You can also share it with your main Instagram account if you have one.

Step#6: Follow other bookstagrammers

Now that you’ve created your bookstagram account, find and follow other bookstagrammers. It’ll help you meet people with similar accounts. Also, your account will likely come up in the suggested section of their followers. That way, you’ll have more followers.

You can also join Facebook groups for book bloggers. Some of your followers may come when you start book blogging.

Step#7: Take quality photos

Now that your account is in place, take quality photos that you’ll post. Use a consistent theme for all your pictures. You can use your favorite book collection for your first set of photos. Then, start posting photos of the current books you read.

You don’t need a professional camera to take quality photos; a good phone camera can do the work. Ensure you have good lighting and decide on a background. It can be your bed, study desk, or even a garden. Then, gather props like stationaries, flowers, mugs, candles, and so on.

Next, arrange the books properly. It may be a book pile or one book at a time. The choice is yours. Place the props and other aesthetics. And then take the pictures from various angles. Rearrange the books and props as you do so. Please choose the best photos and edit them.

Decide the theme to use and plan your content. You can come up with colors, layout, or backdrop that suits your taste. Make sure you build a consistent and attractive feed. Some people will follow you because of your feed.

Ensure that you edit all your photos in the same manner to maintain a consistent feed. Some editing apps include Picsart, Lightroom, etc.

You may not get the perfect edit when you start, but with continuous use, you’ll get better at it.

Step#8: Post frequently and consistently

Set a schedule for posting so that you’ll post frequently. Decide and stick to your calendar. For instance, once a day, once in two days, twice a day, etc. You can even schedule content a week ahead, so you don’t worry about posting each day.

After putting up several posts, you’ll be able to identify your peak time. That means the time when your audience is most active. It’s the best time to post, as you’ll get better engagement. You’ll find the information under “insights.”

Step#9: Use hashtags

It’s best to utilize hashtags, as they improve your post’s visibility. Be sure to use relevant hashtags. You don’t want your post to reach the wrong audience or have low visibility. One of the popular hashtags for bookstagrammers is #bookstagram.

Other common hashtags include #acatalogofbooks #bookblogger #booklover #booknerd #bookstagramfeatures. You can use up to thirty hashtags on Instagram, so research for relevant hashtags.

Step#10: Engage with your followers and the community

It can be challenging to get engagement on your posts. That’s why you need to engage with your followers. Respond to their comments and questions as soon as you can. Also, add captions that encourage engagement to your photos.

Furthermore, join the bookstagram community or engagement groups. It can also increase the engagement of your pictures. It also helps you overcome the Instagram algorithm, which can minimize your reach and engagement.

Search for such groups and ask to join them. You can click on the picture of some bookstagrammers you’re following to see the engagement group they belong to. You’ll have to engage with other people’s content when you’re part of the community. Tag your groups whenever you upload a photo.

Be an active member of the bookstagram community. And take part in challenges, collaborations, giveaways, book reviews, etc.

Benefits Of Bookstagram

  • It allows you as an author to introduce your book to a large group of book-loving audiences.
  • It can be a hobby if you love books.
  • It can give you access to various kinds of books and increase your library.
  • Sometimes you get free books during giveaways.
  • You may advertise for companies or individuals for cash.

How To Improve Your Bookstagram

Be real: To improve your bookstagram, be authentic. Say what excites you about a book or why you love an author. Don’t post popular books everyone else is talking about if they don’t interest you.

Don’t post just your books: Don’t try to promote your books by posting them all the time. It’ll make your account look like a promotional account. That won’t make you successful.

Tag other authors: You can reach out to other authors by tagging them on a post that relates to their books. It may be a positive book review or a book birthday. Avoid saying negative things about other authors and their books. It’s normal for some people not to like certain books, but others will.

Furthermore, build a network with other authors in your genre. It can increase your chances of getting them to promote your book.

Focus on your niche: It’s best to post things that relate to your niche or genre. That way, you can build an audience within your niche. You can often post books from other genres but focus on your niche.

Have fun: You have to enjoy what you do. Your love for books will reflect in your posts, and if you don’t have fun doing so, it’ll show in your posts.

Leave out your personal life: Avoid posting too much about your personal life, especially when you’re still starting. You may do so eventually when you have a large following or become a bestselling author. You can have another Instagram account or social network for your personal life.

Learn from larger accounts: Look at larger accounts for inspiration. Such accounts can help you improve your photography. You can also know the type of posts your audience engages with the most.

Don’t expect too much: You need to be patient when growing your account. Don’t expect to have a large number of followers in a few months. Build your ability to engage with your community and improve your skills. That’ll help improve your growth.


Now that you have read about and understood the basics of a bookstagram, it’s time to start one. You can finally share your interest and hobby with others.

However, your success in bookstagram will come from the engagement that you get, including how much your account grows. But be patient and have fun with the process as you grow your account.

About the Author

CJ grew up admiring books. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company!