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by CJ McDaniel // July 26  

Are you interested in figuring out the number of words 5 pages contain? You’re not alone. In writing, word count is important. If you exceed word count, you may end up boring your readers.

So, don’t blame any writer that’s curious to figure out how many words they have reading halfway into a writing project. Having sound knowledge regarding word count can keep you on edge.

This article contains information on word count. You’ll be able to determine how many words a 5-page document has. That way, you plan your writing project and deliver it at the set time. Keep reading.

So, how many words is 5 pages?

Well, it all depends hugely on several factors. These include the font size and spacing. If it’s single-spaced, you’ll require 2500 words. 

But if it’s double-spaced, you’ll require 1250 words to make up 5 pages. In both cases, the font type remains Times New Roman, and font 12.    

Alright, that’s the answer to the question. But there’s more you need to know, so keep reading. 

Understanding What Word Count Is

Word count refers to the number of words in a written document. It usually includes the title page, abstract, quotations, main text, heading, citations, and references. Also, lists, tables, figures, captions, and appendices constitute an article’s word count.

Word count is primarily or commonly used by translators. You use it to determine the price of a translation job. Writers also take note of word count. They do this to measure their writing speed. Word count is also used to determine measures of readability as well as to calculate reading speed.

Understanding What Word Count Is Not

An article does not consist of words alone. Other characters that cannot be word count sum up to make a complete article. Characters such as spacing do not add up to the word count of an article. Punctuation marks, too, are not part of an article’s word count.

Word Count Per Page

It is essential to realize how many words make up a page to conclude how many words can make up five pages.

Factors That Contribute To The Word Count Per Page

Several factors contribute to the number of words a page can contain. These factors include the type of font, font size, margin spacing, line spacing, elements, and the length of each paragraph.

Articles with so many subheadings might even take up more space because of the document’s constant breaks. If the writing task has specific instructions on spacing, margin, etc., it will affect the number of words you have to write.

For example, if the task requires you to use font size 10, you will have to write more words than using font size 12. 

Some General Guidelines On Words Per Page

There are existing standards that exist concerning font type, size, and spacing. For academic works, for example, the standard is Times New Roman, font size 12, and single spacing. The margin on all the sides would have to be 1-inch.

Apart from Times New Roman, you would also need to use other fonts like Arial, Verdana in academic works. However, the choice depends on the specific requirement of the organization.

Academic works could have put up to 600 words on a page. It happens because you would find a long stretch of terms with no breaks. Also, since the font size is usually smaller, it becomes easy to cram many words on a page.

How To Figure Out The Number Of Words Per Page

Some platforms help you determine how many words you need to fill up a certain number of pages. It works like a calculator. So, you put in the information, and it converts as accurately as possible.

You can input the font type you want to use when using it, the font size, line, and margin spacing. You need to get a specific number of pages and see the number of words you will have to write. You can play around and experiment with the different fonts and sizes.

The calculator will not give you a perfect result. However, it will provide you with a close enough estimate that serves to guide you as you write the document.

Does The Word Count On A Page Matter?

Word count is a significant concern for content marketers if you want your article to rank on Google. Longer content improves visibility. There are higher chances for you to rank on Google when your content is longer. That way, it is easier for Google to determine what the content is all about.

The fact that your text has to be longer is not a ground to make it fluffy. The hack is to maintain the quality of your post while making it longer.

When your article or post has more words, it means that there would be a greater chance for the keywords to appear on the page as many times as possible. However, the number of words that would be ideal for the page would largely depend on the page type.

Apart from the content marketers, every writer needs to understand that word counts on a page matter. The number of words on a book page will affect the reader’s experience. If a book page is dense and crowded with words, the readers would need more pressure on their eyes to read it.

On the other hand, when a page has very few words on a page, it makes the book look scanty. Readers might get the impression that the writer lacks content. It will explain why he is using too much spacing and font size to make up for it. A book, generally, needs to contain enough words that adequately address the subject matter.

Word Count Per Page And How It Affects Publishing

Publishers do not determine the word count page based on their preferences. Instead, they observe customers’ expectations and gain insight into the ideal number of words to use on a book page.

The standard was usually 250 words per page, and so a 5-page book would be 1250 words. However, that seems to be a bit outdated now, as editors and publishers may vary in their choice.

Average Word Count Per Page For Different Genres

Books fall into varied genres. These include prose, drama, and poetry. The average word per page of a book could vary based on the genre. Let’s look at these different genres.

Average Word Count Per Page For Poetry

Poetry as a genre of literature often refers to poems. Poems are usually not long and exist in a standard format. Poems sometimes come in a conventional form, as in a couplet (a poem with two lines of verse), sonnet (a short rhyming poem with fourteen lines).

In writing these types of poems, the number of words per page is limited and conditioned to the standard. However, other poems like epic and free verse poems are open. The number of words in these poems can vary based on individual preference and the publisher’s requirement.

One expects that a page should contain about 50 to 100 words per page on average in these poems. It is essential, however, that the style of writing a poem can be dynamic. It varies from author to author based on an individual’s choice and pattern. Poetry is usually short.

Since it is in stanzas, the number of stanzas also determines the word count. It is, therefore, challenging to say the number of words that an ideal poem should contain per page.

Average Word Count Per Page For Prose

The prose is a written article that follows a natural flow of speech and grammatical structure. The prose is usually in chapters. It often does not follow any formal metrical structure.

Lecture notes, novels, textbooks, newspaper articles, essays are examples of prose. The estimation is that the average prose consists of about 500 words per page.

Average Word Count Per Page For Drama

Drama is another genre of literature, and it is in acts and scenes. Drama is a written work that tells a story through action and speech. One expects that a drama would translate to acting. It is performing arts.

Dramatic literature sounds like a contradiction as literature originally means something in written form, and drama implies a performance. Since drama is an expression of performance or intended performance, it usually contains dialogue and stage action.

One expects that the written work translates to a performance by acting. Drama writing is also called scriptwriting or playwriting. On average, written drama contains about 250 words per page.


The question of what is acceptable in a particular genre of literature is tricky. It is tricky because, contrary to popular opinion in some quarters, the idea of word count per page is not a rule but only a guideline. To further aggravate the complexity around word count per page and genre, a minority of publishers have their standard specifications on the work they accept for submission.

However, some obstinate writers refute and prefer to work on their terms. Generally, considering the word count per page of writing helps maximize productivity. Furthermore, it is essential to state that the number of words that make up five-page writing varies.

Various factors determine the variation. These factors also include the genre of the written document. The preference of the writer and publisher also contributes to this.

Regardless of all these contributing elements, the word count of a five-page document ranges between 1500 to 2500. Poems are, however, exempted from this analysis. They are an exception to this because they are usually shorter and follow a unique writing pattern.

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