How Many Pages Are 750 Words? Understanding Word Count   

how many pages is 750
by CJ McDaniel // July 10  

Writers are often particular about word counts and the number of pages. They want to ensure they don’t go above their target word count.

When a book is cumbersome, people may lose interest in reading it. But there’s an exception, though. If the book is quite interesting, people won’t mind if it runs into thousands of words. An example of such a book is the Harry Potter series.

All the books in the Harry Potter series are over a million words. Yet, people can’t seem to get tired of reading it back to back.

Many factors affect the number of pages that can come from 750 words. These factors include fonts, line spacing, etc.

Now, let’s revisit the question.

How many pages are 750 words?

A 750-word document is 1.5 pages if it is single-spaced and three pages if it is double-spaced. Commonly, news articles, blog posts, and schoolwork usually fall into the 750 words group. 

For a single-spaced or double-spaced 750 words document to stay within the 1.5 to 3 pages standard, the document must be using a 1” margin and 12pt. And the font type must be Arial or New Times Roman. 

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How Long Is A 750-Word Document?

A 750-word document is not too long. Think of those short blog posts you read often or the news article you read online; they are most likely about 750 words.

A writer can write a 750-word document between 1-1.5 hours. An average reader would read a 750-word document in three minutes.

Factors That Affect The Length Of Your Document

Different factors affect the number of pages words occupy. These factors include

Line spacing: Line spacing affects how many pages a 750-word document would be.  Each page has a standard number of lines that can fit into it. Therefore, an increase in line spacing increases the number of pages.

In simpler terms, increasing your line spacing reduces the number of lines that can fit into a page. So, your article would have to continue on the next page.

Word spacing: How do you space your words? The word-spacing would determine how they fit into a page. Using single-spacing for your 750-word document would result in fewer pages.


Font Type: You may have noticed that different fonts are sized differently. Some fonts are a tad larger than others, and while some appear small than others.

Fonts have different sizes. The differences may not be too noticeable, but it affects the number of characters on each page. So, it is possible to type a 750-word document in different fonts, and they occupy different amounts of space.

Small fonts allow for more words which automatically allows more lines to fit into the page. The opposite applies to larger fonts.

For example, when you write an article with double spacing and New Times Roman or Arial font 12pt, your 750-word article would come out at three pages. If you used the same fonts with single spacing, your 750 words article would be 1.5 pages.

Use Calibri font 10pt with double spacing for your 750-word article, and you would get a two-page paper.

Fonts size:  Increasing the font size means it will occupy more space. An increased font size would increase the height of the lines, which means it is taking up more space.

The font size increase is usually in height and width. Your 750-word article that fits into 1.5 pages will occupy two or more pages if the font size increases because larger fonts take more lines and vice versa.

Page margin: Page margins create a border for your writing. It is found between the edges of your paper. You can increase or reduce your margin. An increased margin would increase the number of pages your 750-word article would occupy. In contrast, a reduced margin would allow your piece to fit into fewer pages.

How To Reduce The Number Of Pages 

So, if you want to shrink the number of pages your 750-word article or essay fits into, you need to:

Reduce your spacing. Use single spacing instead of double.

Reduce your font size and use fonts that don’t occupy a large amount of space. Examples include Arial or New times roman.

How To Increase The Number Of Pages

To increase the number of pages your 750 words article fit into:

Use double spacing instead of single. It would give you twice the number of pages you would get if your work were single-spaced.

Increase your font size and use a larger font like Calibri. Only do this if the project you’re working on doesn’t require a specific font type and size.

How Many Pages Would A Handwritten 750-Word Essay Be? 

People’s handwriting differs. To fully determine the number of pages a handwritten 750-word article would fit into, the size of the handwriting needs to be considered.

But typically, a handwritten article (with single spacing) would occupy twice as much space as a single-spaced article written with New times Roman 12 pt.

So, a 750-word article (single-spaced) would make three pages. That is, double a single-spaced typed article.

How Many Sentences Are In A 750-Word Document? 

Usually, a sentence houses at least 15 words and 20 words at most. Doing the math, you need about 37-50 sentences to complete your 750-word article.

How Many Paragraphs Is A 750-Word Document? 

Generally, a paragraph has about 100-200 words and about 5-7 sentences. If you calculate it, a 750-word article would contain approximately 4-8 paragraphs. A writer can extend the number of paragraphs to 7-15, sometimes to make the article easy to read.

How Much Time Do You Need To Write A 750-Word Essay? 

Writing a 750-word essay in a short amount of time is possible. It might take you a longer time than somebody else or a shorter time. The amount of time you use is dependent on several factors. These factors are

How well you write: How will you write? How good you’re at writing would determine how long it would take to write a 750-word article.

A person with more skills and experience would spend less time than someone with fewer skills. In writing, the more time you spend writing, the more skilled you become. So, experience somehow improves your skills.

With skill, you can avoid mistakes that would take up your time. How good is your vocabulary? Can you think up new words fast? Is your grammar good? These different skills can help you to save time when writing.

Is your research complete: It would normally take lesser time to write an article that you know too well. Writing is easier when you know what a topic is about.

Therefore, it would take more time if you have to research as you write. In handwritten work, it takes about 35-40 minutes to write a 750-word article. Researching would increase your writing time.

So, the faster you research, the quicker you finish your 750-word document.

How fast do you type: How fast you type plays a big role in quickly finishing a 750-word document?

The average typist would completely type a 750-word document in approximately 18.8 minutes.

The faster you type, the more you save time.

How To Write A 750-Word Work Seamlessly 

Writing that 750-word article could be like riding a bike if you know the ropes. After you your research and you are ready to hit your keyboard, the following tips would help you:

Your work should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Your introduction should be between 100-150 words.

The body, which is where all the juicy content is, should be at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain about 150 words.

Lastly, conclude with 100-150 words.

How Many Pages Makes Other Word Counts 

Two hundred fifty words:

A 250 words document typed with New times Roman or Arial fonts would make 0.5 pages when single-spaced and a page when double-spaced. So, a page (double spaced) equals 250 words.

Five hundred words:

A document with 500 words would make 1 page when it is single-spaced and two pages when double-spaced. That is with the Times New Roman and Arial 12pt.

Therefore, a page (single-spaced) contains 500 words.

One thousand words:

1000 words will fit into two pages when you use single spacing with a 12pt font size. And it would make four pages when you use double spacing with a 12pt font size.

Five thousand words:

A 5000-word document would make ten pages if single spaced and 20 pages when double spaced with New Times Roman or Arial fonts 12pt.


“How many pages are 750 words?” This answer is only straightforward if you consider the many factors that may affect the length of your document. We touched on many of these factors above: Font size, font type, word spacing, line spacing, and page margin.

This post gives you an idea of word count. You may not be writing a 750-word document but something worth over a thousand words. Either way, having sound knowledge on how to calculate word count can help make your writing journey a breeze.

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