Free Software for Authors

The free software and simple apps below were all created by us to solve problems that many authors face or have to pay money for elsewhere.

Free Book Title Generator


You just crafted four-hundred pages of award-worthy literature, or your non-fiction book is going to change the way the world sees your genre, but you’re stuck! Stuck on that seemingly small afterthought that we call a title. There are formulas and methods for trying to come up with good titles, but it is still a lot of guesswork. If this is you, then our free Book Title Generator will help jump-start your creative juices.

ISBN Barcode Generator


This free ISBN barcode generator is has all the features of it’s paid counterparts but is designed to be an elegant no-brainer solution to ISBN barcode creation. The ISBN barcode generator makes it easier than ever to create an ISBN barcode for free. We have used plenty of barcode generators and have did our best to remove all the troubling guesswork usually associated with these apps.

Old to New ISBN Number Conversion


The 10-digit ISBN number format has been in use as the standard for books since 1970, however a restructuring of the ISBN system required all new books to use the new 13-digit format. If you have just purchased a new ISBN number you will have received the correct 13-digit format, however if you are using an ISBN number purchased before 2007 then you will need to make use of our ISBN converter.

Book Detective – Crack Sales Rank


What does the Amazon Sales Rank on a book page mean? Amazon uses a proprietary algorithm for calculating the rank for each book in the Kindle marketplace. Using our sales rank calculator will help you crack the code, and find out additional information about titles within a category in the Amazon Kindle store. The Book Detective, provides reporting on various pieces of information about the book.

CreateSpace Spine Width Calculator


Our CreateSpace width calculator is simple to use, and calculating the spine width of your Amazon POD book just takes seconds. Simply enter the number of pages, select the type of paper, and calculate the spine width for an instant, accurate result. Use our CreateSpace width calculator to save time and to ensure that your spine dimensions are accurate when you create your print-ready cover artwork.

How Many Pages Is My Book?


Our book page calculator figures out how many pages your book will contain from your word count. Simply select your word print size, book genre and then enter your word count and press “Calculate Number of Pages”. Not only will our tool tell you how many pages your book is, it will also compare your book to others in your genre as well as whether your book classifies as a Short Story, Novella, or Novel etc.

Ebook Cover Designer


Discover the tool that authors and entrepreneurs are using to instantly create free ebook covers and product mock-ups. More people use our free ebook creator than any other on the internet! This software creates low-resolution mock-ups and ebook covers suitable for products on your site, while amazing and beautiful the covers designed are not high enough resolution to be suitable for Amazon Kindle.

Capitalize Your Title


If you have questions about whether that pesky “it”, “from”, “or”, and “a” should be capitalized on your title then search no further. There is nothing more embarrassing than publishing your book and having the title capitalization incorrect. There are so many capitalization methods that you can follow for titles and each one takes work to figure what should be capitalized and what shouldn’t. Look no further than the “Capitalizer!”