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CreateSpace Spine Width Calculator

Use Your Page Count to Find the Width for Your CreateSpace Book Spine

CreateSpace spine width calculator

Have you eve had a brilliant idea that resulted in 17 and a half new pages to your finished novel? It seemed like an awesome thing but now your designer wants to know what the spine width of your book has changed to. We have the easy and instant solution. Our CreateSpace width calculator is simple to use, and calculating the spine width of your book just takes seconds. Simply enter the number of pages, select the type of paper, and calculate the spine width for an instant, accurate result.  Use our CreateSpace spine width calculator to save time and to ensure that your spine dimensions are accurate.

CreateSpace is a wonderful outlet for writers who want to self-publish their books.  It’s a great  platform for publishing and distribution for self-published authors.  With CreateSpace, authors are required to upload their content to the site – including artwork for the cover and spine design. When uploading book cover designs to Create Space, there are certain criteria that must be followed regarding the sizes of the images uploaded. It is important that you or your cover designer know the correct dimensions in order to make sure that your printed book spine is ready to standout.

Our CreateSpace spine width calculator is helpful for publishers who need quick calculations for the appropriate size their spine image or artwork must be. The spine width of a book is dependent upon how many pages are in the book.  CreateSpace has a preset value that a book’s page count must be multiplied by in order to determine the spine width.

When looking at CreateSpace’s specifications for cover dimensions it is all on one page and difficult to sort through to find exactly what you are looking for.  Our CreateSpace width calculator eliminates the need to fuss with having to sort through all the requirements and then manually calculate the spine width of your book, and the possibility of errors.