Cracking the Sales Rank Code

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by CJ McDaniel // May 27  

How Amazon Assigns Sales Rank

The more sales a book makes, the lower the sales rank for that title. Amazon assigns a sales rank to each title in the Amazon Kindle marketplace based on the number of sales a book has made and other criteria.

The Kindle Direct Publishing program is one of the best self-publishing platforms available for authors. Authors who sell their books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing have the potential to maximize the sales potential of their books by tapping into the vast market of Kindle users and Amazon patrons.

Kindle Sales Rank

Though it does not provide information as to the exact number of sales a certain title has made, the Amazon sales rank (also known as Kindle sales rank) can be used to estimate the number of sales of a particular title, or titles within a particular niche. Authors can use the Amazon sales rank of certain titles to estimate the popularity of a niche, and use this information to formulate ideas for future titles.

Amazon's Sales Rank: Get insight into the real numbers behind

Amazon uses a proprietary algorithm for calculating the sales rank for each book in the Kindle marketplace. Using a sales rank calculator will help you crack the sales rank code, and find out additional information about certain titles within a category in the Amazon Kindle store. Adazing’s exclusive free sales rank calculator software, The Book Detective, provides a short report detailing various pieces of general information about the book.

By simply entering the URL of a book page from the Amazon Kindle store into the field below you can instantly retrieve information about that title such as the book’s current sales rank, author, price, an estimate of how many sales the book is making each day, and an estimate of how much money the author makes each day from the sales of that title.

Cracking the sales rank code is the key to achieving best seller success through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. Authors should pay attention to the sales rank of various titles in their niche to understand their competition, and find opportunities for potential titles to write about in the future based on sales rank statistics.

How to Rank and Drive Sales on Amazon in 2019

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