Best Software Website Designs

Excellent computer software can make managing school, work or your personal finances and assets easy. Technical support, user reviews and descriptions of software can all help to put your mind at ease when selecting the software for you. Here are some of the websites that do it best.

Sound of Code Created by Microsoft, Sound of Code allows users to paste in a sound code, select a language, style of music and generate sound. With unique graphics and all the necessary information on one page, users do not have to leave the homepage to create a sound. The instructions are straightforward.

Adobe.  Adobe makes a nice use and example of Photoshop on their homepage. From the homepage, you can easily make a purchase, learn about the software or receive technical support. Users also have the option of downloading popular software right from the homepage. The site loads quickly and is very easy to navigate.

Microsoft Office. Being one of the most popular computer software out there, it is not surprising that Microsoft Office also has a standout website. A basic navigation bar guides you to all Office essentials including products, support, downloads and templates. The homepage provides visitors with popular options with the click of a button. You can download free software, backgrounds and learn how to use Microsoft Office’s post popular programs.

Norton. Norton Anti-virus software utilizes a basic website that is very informative. Norton provides very detailed information regarding their current anti-virus software programs in the form of a chart. Compare features of three different products at once and make the decision that is right for you. Once you make a decision, simply click the box of the software you select and download it straight to your computer.

Avid Technology. Avid Technology is a media compose and motion graphic creation website. Scrolling images of satisfied users allow visitors to get a sense for the feel of the technology. A video is also available on the homepage to educate visitors. A simple navigation bar guides users to products and support. A features section on the homepage guides visitor to the latest and most popular products. The sign is clear-cut and simple.

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