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Author Guest Post Submissions – Get Featured & Boost Your Work

Reach Out to Thousands of Like-Minded Readers

Are you an author with tons of great knowledge about writing, promoting or selling books? Here is your chance to get in front of thousands of like-minded authors by writing a guest post for us.

Author Guest Post Submissions - Get Featured

Here at Adazing, we love to promote and publicize new and published authors, budding bloggers, and any writer who wants to build credibility and awareness of their books by sharing their knowledge and experience with other writers. This allows a peer-review process and get you an objective view of your work.

Unlike some larger sites that would prefer not to promote other experts, we really look forward to helping you get your content out there! Unlike the traditional publication of newspapers and magazines that is very tedious and time-consuming, at Adazing, we bring your work out to the many subscribers our blog has.

Are You Adazing’s Next Guest Post Author?

If you have a passion for literary writing, you are valued here. If your content will meet the basic editorial requirements, you’ll access the following benefits from having a guest post published on our blog:

 1. Exposure

With over 45,000 visits each month and over 150,000 subscribers on our email list, you’ll get the chance to be promoted beyond your wildest dreams!

When we like your content, we will publish it on our blog and might even feature it in our newsletter as well. There are no two ways about it: Guest blogging with us will give you tons of exposure.

2. Reach More Readers

Imagine your written masterpiece landing on the top of the Google search results with the link to your book or website attached. It’s completely within your reach. All you need to do is focus on writing a great guest post while we work on connecting you with the readers of your chosen topic.

Author Guest Post Submissions - Get Featured & Your Boost Your Work

Whether you’re a published author, a blog owner, a writer looking for a publisher, or a blogger for a relevant niche, we’re more than happy to promote your book and/or site on our site!

3. Reach More Writers

We are a well-connected book marketing website that has a variety of offers for authors to increase their exposure. Our community consists of highly reputable writers and publishers who are well known in their respective genres. If you write highly engaging content, there is a good chance others will reach out to you with similar writing opportunities.

Writing Guidelines

As long as your content is not posted elsewhere online and shares knowledge relevant to writing, publishing, selling, or marketing books, we would love to see your proposed content!

Here’s How Guest Posting Can Optimize your Works

Neil Patel has been writing articles for various websites but after doing it for a year or two, what happened to all those articles on Entrepreneur, and Inc., and Forbes about social media marketing and SEO and link building and digital marketing?  They started to rank on Google. The articles started getting a ton of traction.

As a regular guest blogger whose work has been published on a lot of websites, past, and present, Neil has proven that guest blogging can reap huge rewards. However, Neil is quick to stress that guest blogging is great for B2B but not for B2C. As such, you should take this advice when you harbor plans to write a guest post. Neil also advises those who are interested in guest blogging to ensure that they establish clear goals when they set out and that they keep these goals in mind.

Three Blogging Goals

There are three typical goals for blogging as a guest:

  1. Authority (Getting your name out there and establishing credibility).
  2. Exposure (Attracting traffic to your site by getting a presence on the first page in search engine results).
  3. Backlinks

Achieving these three goals is possible if you publish the right content on quality blog sites. To achieve #1 and #2, you have to submit your guest post to blogs that have a good number of engaged audience members. As for worthy backlinks, you have to look for blogs with strong and high domain authority. To find out what authority a website has, try using a free domain tool like Moz.

By establishing clear goals, you will find it easier to find the right blogs or websites to submit your articles to.

The good thing about writing a guest post here at Adazing is that you get to hit those three goals all at once. And more.

The Additional Offers Adazing Has For You

Aside from guest articles, we also have some great tools available to help authors promote their books.

1. Book Trailer Templates

Our FREE trailer templates are perfect for authors. They take the form of easy-to-revise PowerPoint presentations that you can quickly and easily adjust to meet your needs.

2. Ebook Cover Designer

Not all writers are great with designs. With that in mind, we made a very easy tool to help you design eye-catching book covers within minimum effort.

3. FREE Author Logo Templates

Our free package of eight editable author logos is great for anyone who’s just starting out with their branding activity. These are easy-to-edit logos that you can quickly and easily customize to fit your brand. The logos are in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

4. FREE Author Postcards Templates

Postcards are still a thing of the present, despite the digital era. In fact, postcards can really help generate traffic to a website while also presenting compelling sales messages that push consumers to shop and order.

5. Free Author Media-Kit Templates

Book press kits are VERY important if you want to land that press interview. With our template, you will not need to spend $1,200 on your kit anymore; it’s all here, for FREE!

6. FREE Book Title Generator

Whether you’ve already written your title or not, our book title generator can add some great value. While you may not opt to use our suggested titles, we’re pretty confident they will get your creative juices flowing. Give it a try!

Submit Your Guest Post, NOW

Any author submitting an article to us will not only be given an exposure but also provision of access to some great perks. All here at Adazing. To get the ball rolling and take the first step toward submitting a guest post, simply send an email to us here.

If you have an article or even just a topic in mind, feel free to submit them below!

Your Content (If any)

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