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A synopsis is a short book summary published alongside reviews or advertisements to generate interest in a novel, particularly when part of a series or by an established author. Book proposals often contain synopses so publishers can understand their story arc.

Though typically at most several paragraphs long, a synopsis should provide an in-depth summary of a book’s plot, characters, and themes while also avoiding spoilers, as this would deprive readers of finding out its ending prematurely. In general, synopses should stand alone as summaries of their subject.

Writing a synopsis requires various approaches. One option is to outline the main plot points. Meanwhile, others provide more comprehensive summaries that include subplots and secondary characters. Finally, some authors write their synopsis in first person by having one of their characters write it on their behalf – giving potential readers a taste of your book’s style and voice.

Synopses can be an indispensable asset to authors in terms of book publishing. A synopsis provides a brief synopsis of your plot, which can prove essential in getting publishers interested in your book – in an age when publishers receive thousands of submissions each week, an appealing synopsis can make all the difference between being accepted for publication and not!

Synopses may not be the key to publishing a book, but are invaluable. If you are serious about pursuing publishing, learning how to write compelling synopses will pay dividends!

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