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Outlines provide long-form writing projects such as books or essays with the structure necessary to avoid potential obstacles during production.

An outline provides:* An overall view of your book’s structure. It shows which chapters or sections make up its entirety, in what order they appear, and why.
Non-fiction works should include either a list of resources to consult or an estimate for research time; novels require chapters or scenes as an outline.

Once your outline is in place, the rest is up to you! As you write, its purpose may shift or broaden according to what comes up while still fulfilling its primary goal of encouraging creative writing without hindering its flow.

Working with publishers and editors requires creating an outline as part of your creative process to help them grasp your vision while fulfilling their expectations.

Outlines provide authors with an effective means of planning and organizing their books. An outline can identify which topics must be included in each novel chapter.

An outline can be tailored specifically to the author’s needs and preferences, providing invaluable assistance in organizing their thoughts effectively. A system may also prove helpful.

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