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A price clipped book is a book whose dust jacket has had its price cut or “clipped” off by the previous owner. Price clipped books are less desirable to collectors than books with the original price intact, as the clipped jacket may be an indication that the book was handled carelessly or read frequently.

When a bookseller describes a book as having “price-clippedcorners, they are referring to a common condition in which the top corners of a book’s dust jacket have been cut or clipped off. The purpose of this is typically to remove the price of the book from the jacket, so that the book can be sold at a discount.

There are a few reasons why someone might clip the price from a book jacket. In some cases, the book was purchased from a discount store or used bookstore and the previous owner wanted to remove any indication of this. In other cases, the owner may have been a librarian or bookseller who needed to remove the price before shelving the book.

Whether or not a price clipped book is worth less than one with an intact jacket depends on the collector. Some collectors don’t mind a clipped jacket, while others consider it a serious flaw. In general, however, a price clipped book will be worth less than one with an intact jacket.

Price clipped corners are an important factor to consider when determining the value of a collectible book. While the presence of price clipped corners does not guarantee a higher value for a book, it is often an indicator of a book’s collectibility. Books with price clipped corners are often more desirable to collectors, as they are often seen as more rare and valuable. When determining the value of a book, the condition of the book is also important to consider. A book with price clipped corners in good condition is often worth more than a book with no price clipped corners in poor condition.

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