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Clipped books refer to those books that have had their pages cut or trimmed by previous owners, typically to remove unwanted text or images or make the book fit snugly on a bookshelf. Because clipped books tend to have reduced value compared to their counterparts that haven’t been clipped, their value decreases considerably over time.

Clipping books may occur for various reasons. One is often to remove text or images deemed offensive or inappropriate – this was particularly popular during Victorian times when many books included provocative images and texts; more rarely, it may have been done by censors seeking to eliminate anything they found objectionable from circulation.

Clipping pages that are no longer needed or desired is another use for clippers; readers might do this if only interested in reading text from their book, while students may do this so they take up less space in their backpacks.

Some individuals engage in vandalism against books by damaging or vandalizing them – typically by tearing out pages and cutting the book into small pieces – in an attempt to cause damage or simply make a statement.

Clipping books is usually undesirable as it may damage them and lower their value. However, in certain instances, this is necessary or desirable.

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