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Book jackets (also called dust wrappers or covers) are circular pieces of paper wrapped around the outside of books with designs or illustrations printed onto them to protect their pages and promote new readers of that title. Although their primary function is protecting from wear and tear, book jackets may also serve another purpose by acting as advertisements of sorts, marketing potential readers about potential books.

The first book jackets came into use during the early 1900s; however, their concept dates back much further than this timeframe. Early book jackets consisted of plain paper with no decorations; later editions often had elaborate artwork printed both front and back to add visual interest and make an impression first impression; initially white in hue but now featuring unique shades and designs!

Book jackets are usually detachable, so they can be quickly replaced if damaged. Meanwhile, some jackets feature reversible designs, so the design of each book jacket can be altered according to individual tastes and reader preferences.

Book jackets are an integral component of book publishing and an effective means for marketing a book. A well-designed book jacket will help stand out on store shelves. It can also be utilized in online and offline advertising efforts.

The book jackets carry great significance when creating that first impression. A well-designed book jacket can make the book more desirable and increase the chances of purchase; publishers use effective jacket designs as part of their marketing process to increase book success.

Book jackets play an integral part in book publishing processes. They can promote and attract potential readers to purchase it and protect it against physical damages that might otherwise happen during its journey from publisher to reader.

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