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Wrappers are loose covers or sheaths made of paper that protect and sheath books or publications from wear and tear, keeping them clean while at the same time acting as promotional tools by including information about them on their surface. They serve two primary purposes – protecting them from wear and tear and serving to promote them through incorporating information about them on their wrapper.

Book wrappers were first invented in the early 19th century to protect books when transporting them. However, booksellers began using them to advertise in the mid-19th century. By the late nineteenth century, book wrappers had become an indispensable marketing tool, and publishers utilized book wrappers extensively in promoting new titles and authors.

Book wrappers became less prevalent as books became more widely available and less costly. However, some booksellers and collectors continue to use them to protect rare or valuable books.

Wrappers are protective covers designed to keep books clean and in excellent condition. Common materials used include paper or cloth; this covering should then be placed around its book cover and spine, as well as prints or maps that need protection.

Paper and cloth wrappers are two main categories of book wrappers, typically used to protect higher-quality books produced in mass-production runs. Paper is less expensive while cloth is often preferred.

Wrappers around books serve several essential functions:

  1. They protect them from damage.
  2. They keep dust off of them.
  3. They help prevent the loss or theft of books.
  4. They may be used to advertise the book; fifthly, they help make books look more professional and attractive.


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