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“Mouse” is an electronic handheld scanner for digitizing physical documents or books in the book publishing industry.

The mouse scanner is a lightweight device with an optical sensor for scanning printed material such as books. As its name implies, this resemblance to an ordinary computer mouse only adds to its appeal.

This revolutionary tool makes digitization and conversion of printed content into digital form for storage, editing, sharing, and accessing on electronic devices such as computers, tablets or e-readers incredibly efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional methods such as typing or scanning.

Users using mouse scanners need only move over text or images they wish to capture with optical character recognition technology; its optical sensor will then capture all pertinent data using optical character recognition (OCR). Once captured, this data can be sent over USB or wireless connectivity and saved as PDF, Word, or image files for further processing and storage.

Mouse scanners can be invaluable resources for researchers, academics, librarians, and publishers who frequently need to access or digitize content from physical books or documents. By efficiently extracting specific pieces of information, such as quotes or images from various sources, without having to transcribe pages one at a time manually, mouse scanners allow these professionals to save both time and resources when digitizing physical books or documents.

Mouse scanners allow users to work from any location, as their compact designs make them portable enough for easy transport in bags or pockets. Their delicate handling of fragile books helps mitigate risks while guaranteeing minimal damage during scanning.

Mouse scanners have many uses in publishing. Publishers may employ them to convert physical manuscripts or out-of-print books to digital formats for republishing or archiving purposes; authors can use mouse scanners to quickly capture research material or reference materials for writing projects, while rare or antique books can benefit from storing digital backup copies.

In the book and publishing industry, “mouse” refers to any portable scanning device that allows users to capture text and images from physical books or documents into digital formats for retrieval, preservation, and sharing purposes.

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