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A large crown octavo is a book size that is typically used for large print editions of books. The dimensions of a large crown octavo book are 15 inches by 10.5 inches. The term “crown octavo” comes from the fact that this size book has eight pages per sheet of paper (“octavo” meaning “eight” in Latin).

It is a type of bookbinding that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is characterized by a large, decorative spine with eight ribs, or raised ridges, running vertically down the center. The ribs are usually adorned with gold or silver leaf, and the overall effect is one of opulence and luxury. These bindings were typically used for expensive, high-quality books, such as Bibles, prayer books, and other religious texts. They were also used for some limited edition books and for other books that were meant to be displayed prominently on a bookshelf. Today, these bindings are still sought after by collectors and are often used on special editions of books.

It is a book that is typically eight inches tall and six inches wide. It is slightly larger than a standard octavo, which is seven inches tall and five inches wide. The large crown octavo was a popular size for books in the 19th century, and many classic works were published in this format. Today, the large crown octavo is less common, but it is still used for some books, particularly those that are meant to be read in a large format.

It is important to have a Large Crown Octavo because it allows you to have more control over the size and shape of your pages. With a smaller octavo, you would be limited to the size of your pages and would not be able to change the shape or size of them. Having a Large Crown Octavo also allows you to bind your pages together more securely, which is important if you are planning on displaying your work or selling it.

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