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The large crown octavo is a book size commonly utilized for producing large print editions. Its dimensions measure 15 by 10.5 inches, giving it a distinct appearance.

This bookbinding style gained popularity from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. A defining attribute of the large crown octavo is its decorative spine featuring eight raised ridges or ribs running vertically down the center. These ribs are often embellished with gold or silver leaf, creating an opulent and luxurious impression. Such bindings were reserved for expensive publications like Bibles, prayer books, and other religious texts. They also found application in limited edition books and works for prominent display on bookshelves. Collectors still covet these bindings today, making them an option for special edition releases.

This format typically stands eight inches tall and six inches wide—slightly larger than the standard Octavo, measuring seven by five inches. The large crown octavo enjoyed widespread use during the 19th century when many renowned literary works adopted this size. While less common nowadays, it can still be found in certain publications that benefit from a grander reading experience.

Owning a Large Crown Octavo offers greater page size and shape flexibility than smaller counterparts like the regular Octavo, which constrains design options. Additionally, such dimensions allow for more secure binding—a crucial consideration if intending to showcase or sell one’s work effectively.


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