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When a block of text isjustified,” it means that the left and right sides of each line of text are flush with the margins. In other words, the text is evenly spaced between the left and right margins, and there are no big gaps of space between words.

Justify is an alignment option in word processing and desktop publishing that lines up text along both the left and right margins, making it fully justified.

Justifying text is often used to create more visually appealing documents. It can also be helpful for fitting more text on a page, especially when creating a newspaper or newsletter.

Justifying text can have negative consequences as well, however. Because it forces words to fit into specific spaces, it can create large gaps between words, or “rivers of white space.” It can also make text more difficult to read, since the eye has to jump from one line to the next.

For these reasons, it’s important to use justify sparingly, and only when it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re not sure whether or not to justify your text, it’s usually better to stick with left-aligned or center-aligned text.

Justify is an essential tool for text editing because it allows the user to align text on the page. Justify can be used to create a professional look for a document or to make a document more readable. Justify is also a great way to add emphasis to certain words or phrases in a document.

Justify is an option for text alignment in word processing and desktop publishing. When text is justified, it is spread out evenly between the left and right margins. Justification makes all lines of text the same length, which creates a straight left edge and a ragged right edge.

Some people prefer justified text because it creates a neat, tidy look. Others find it difficult to read because the uneven spacing can create large gaps between words.

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