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An illuminated manuscript is a book or other document in which the text is supplemented with such decoration as initials, borders (marginalia) and miniature illustrations. In the strictest definition, an illuminated manuscript only refers to manuscripts decorated with gold or silver, usually with gold and silver leaf, but may also refer to colored manuscripts with little or no gold.

The word illuminated comes from the Latin word illuminare, meaning “to light up, to brighten.” The word was originally used to describe decorative manuscripts, but later came to be used more generally for books with any kind of decoration.

The decoration of an illuminated manuscript was often a collaborative effort between the scribe who wrote the text and one or more artists who added the illustrations and decorations. The illustrations were often drawn with thin, pointy pens that were dipped in ink or paint. The ink was usually made from a mixture of soot and animal fat.

The importance of illuminated manuscripts cannot be overstated. These beautiful and painstakingly crafted works of art provide a window into the past, offering insights into the religious beliefs, social customs, and history of the people who created them. For modern viewers, they also offer a glimpse into a lost world of beauty and craftsmanship. In an age of digital technology and mass production, illuminated manuscripts remind us of the importance of individual expression and the value of art created by human hands.

Based on the research and information gathered in the article, it can be concluded that illuminated manuscripts were a significant part of medieval life. They were used for religious texts, educational materials, and even as works of art. The production of these manuscripts was a lengthy and labor-intensive process, but the end result was often a beautiful and intricate work of art. Although illuminated manuscripts are no longer produced on the same scale as they were in the past, they continue to be appreciated by scholars and art lovers alike.

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