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Art paper featuring an exceptionally glossy coated surface on either one or both sides usually serves to create pieces with highly glossy surfaces and polished elements.

Cast coated paper has an exceptionally glossy surface. To produce it, paper is passed through a heated chamber where molten resin is coated onto it; after cooling down further, it passes under rollers that create its glossy sheen finish.

Cast-coated paper is commonly used for printing high-resolution images and photos on high-grade printers, book covers, and any application where a glossy finish is desirable.

Cast Coated paper features a glossy, high-quality surface, which makes it suitable for books, magazines, and publications needing professional appearances. It is often utilized by publishers requiring books with professional visual appeal, such as book clubs.

Paper is created using an eco-friendly process involving coating it with polymer resin to give it its glossy surface and make it more resistant to fingerprints or smudging. In turn, this makes the paper durable enough for everyday use, as well as resisting fingerprints or smudges from fingerprint scanners and mobile phones.

Cast Coated paper tends to be more costly than its alternatives; however, its superior appearance and quality often justify this additional expense for many applications.

Cast Coated paper is a type of coated paper specially treated to produce a glossy and smooth surface finish, ideal for high-quality printing projects such as books, magazines, and catalogs. With its sharp images and vibrant text producing sharp results on Coated paper coating surface, this type of paper is ideal for double-sided printing projects.

Cast Coated paper is essential when publishing books and other publications as it creates an expert, professional image. Though more costly than other types of coated paper, cast-coated publications will more likely catch readers’ eyes and be read than their counterparts printed with other types of coated papers.

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