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Art Paper is a smooth coated paper obtained by applying an opaque china clay compound coating on either one or both sides.

Professionals specifically tailor art papers for use in art and craft projects. Wood pulp and cotton fibers are common materials used for art papers to achieve maximum smoothness when painting or drawing on their surfaces. 100% cotton art paper may offer higher-grade options; alternatively, you could find recycled-content art papers.

Art papers are also for book illustrations or the creation of original art, scrapbooking, card making, or any number of crafts projects. Many artists prefer art paper because it allows them to produce crisp lines with vibrant hues – something other paper forms cannot accomplish.

Art paper comes in many colors, textures, and weights – the latter will determine how it handles paint or pencil medium. Heavier-weight art papers work better for oil painting. In contrast, lighter-weight papers like watercolor or pencil drawings work best with lighter mediums like painting or sketching. Color also plays a factor when selecting an art paper; white for watercolor paintings produces much different results than black ones.

The texture should also be an essential consideration when selecting an art paper. Specific papers offer smooth surfaces ideal for detailed work. In contrast, others feature more texturized surfaces, adding interest and complexity to paintings and drawings.

Art paper is an indispensable material used in many art and craft projects. When choosing art paper for any task, selecting the suitable type can make all the difference to its final result; with so many choices, there’s sure to be one perfect match!

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