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Coated paper is a type of paper with an outer coating of various substances such as clay, plastic, or metal. This coating is applied during manufacturing processes and gives the paper its distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Coated paper is often utilized for printing purposes. Coatings provide smooth surfaces on which ink adheres and protect it from damage caused by printing processes.

Coated paper can also be a practical packaging material, helping protect its contents against damage while making the package easier to open or close.

Coated paper comes in various weights and textures depending on its coating material; its use also affects its weight and feel. Some types are available, both rolls and sheets, for easy convenience.

Coated paper can be found at most office supply stores as well as through some online vendors.

Coated paper is treated with a coating to make it more resilient to water, damage, and other forms of damage, smoother than its uncoated counterpart, and less likely to absorb ink – ideal for printing! Coated papers come in matte and glossy varieties; matte-coated papers have dull finishes, while glossy ones boast shiny surfaces.

Clay and latex combine to produce coated paper’s unique coating, increasing durability and water resistance. A thin coat is applied by passing it over several rollers.

Coated paper is often utilized in magazines, catalogs, and other print materials that feature high-resolution images. With its smooth surface and sharp detail, the coated paper helps ensure images print evenly and with sharp clarity.

Coated paper is essential in clay printing as it provides a smooth surface on which clay adheres. Furthermore, coated papers allow an even distribution of clay, contributing to more uniform prints.

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