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Backstrip labels are small pieces of paper, cloth, or other material attached to the spine of books to identify the title and author details of their pages. Backstrip labels typically appear on hardcover books but can sometimes also appear on some paperback books.

Backstrip labels are attached to the spine of books using adhesive. Once connected, these labels can be difficult to remove without damaging their spine; as a result, backstrip labels should only be applied to books that will be read only sometimes (such as textbooks). For added protection and to preserve their condition, many texts contain their title and author printed directly onto their spine instead.

Backstrip labels may also provide other details of the book’s publisher, copyright date, and edition number or give a brief synopsis of its contents.

Backstrip labels can often be found affixed to hardcover books; however, some paperback books also utilize backstrip labels. While titles and authors tend to appear directly on the spines of paperback books, in certain instances, a backstrip label might also be attached for identification purposes when part of an author-written series; backstrip labels help mark such volumes as part of such series.

Backstrip labels are an integral component of book spines. They should help identify each book as well as provide pertinent details regarding it. Backstrip labels typically appear only on hardcover or series books (usually paperback).

Backstrip labels for books provide essential information that allows potential readers to decide whether or not they wish to read it and keep track of where in a book they left off if they need to stop and come back later.

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