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Advanced copies, also known as galleys or uncorrected proofs, are early versions of books sent out for reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and book reviewers to generate early word-of-mouth publicity. At the same time, advanced copies must reflect what readers can expect regarding appearance and content when the final edition arrives.

Advance copies are often printed months or even years before the book’s official release date, enabling reviewers and opinion leaders to read and critique it before being widely distributed and booksellers stocking and marketing it to customers.

Libraries rely on advanced copies for purchasing decisions and raising awareness for forthcoming titles, with some even offering them to patrons before they hit store shelves.

Sending out reviews and excerpts for publicizing books serves two primary goals. Reviews in influential publications can build excitement about sales while getting it into the hands of booksellers and librarians ensures it will always be available when readers search.

Reviews can be acquired in various ways: publishers often send them directly to reviewers and other opinion leaders; booksellers and librarians may request them; they are even sometimes available for sale at industry trade shows.

As an avid book lover, you may have received an advanced book copy at some point. These early editions can provide an exciting sneak preview of an upcoming publication while at the same time reminding us to remember these are preliminary drafts, and changes may still occur before its final version hits shelves.

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