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Free Book Trailer Templates With Instructions

I know there is all kinds of debate about whether book trailers are worth the cost, whether they are worth the time and whether they increase book sales. I’m here to tell you that yes, they are worth it! And the truth is, you can create a pretty sharp looking book trailer for free. And chances are the software you need already lives on your computer. So let’s get started! Make sure you check out the end of this post where we give away awesome book trailer templates as well as a chance to get your very own custom book trailer designed by us.

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Writing Software For Authors

A collection of tools to help you write productively

Writing a book is certainly difficult. Together with other factors such as distractions, disorganized files, and, yes, an inadequate word processor can make the task even more challenging.  Creating your book isn’t simply jotting down words on a page, it’s a combination of your skill, creative flair, and dedication to write. But with the struggle […]

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A Million+ Free Stock Photos for Authors

& Everything An Author Needs to Know About Stock Photos

After the the last sentence is penned and the final page edited, re-edited and most likely re-re-edited, your hard-earned book is here. Born of sweat, sleep deprivation and pure brilliance, it now lives to be shared. But your book for all of it’s literary genius needs help stirring the public and convincing people that this is indeed […]