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by CJ McDaniel // April 16 // 0 Comments

From beginner wood-workers to expert carpenters, the Internet is an excellent resource. The web can provide you with resources, tips and project ideas for carpenters of all skill levels. In order to be effective, the best carpenter sites must be detailed and contain easy-to-follow graphics. Here are some of the best wood-working sites in the business.

Basic Carpentry Techniques. The simple layout and basic design of Basic Carpentry techniques allows visitors to focus more on carpentry skills than flashy designs of layouts. Basic graphics allow users to click on the tool (or concept) they want to learn about. The content is in-depth, yet easy to understand for beginner carpenters.

Precision Carpentry. Precision Carpentry has a unique layout that showcases the work of Precision Carpentry. Use the pictures to click on the type of carpentry work you are looking for – such as cabinetry or door frames. A simple navigation bar allows users to contact Precision or learn about their services.

Carpentry Tips and Tricks. Carpentry Tips and Tricks offers information for pros and beginner carpenters. With an easy-to-follow navigation bar on the side, users are able to find information on exactly the type of carpentry project they are looking to complete. This carpenter website also makes great use of pictures (without increasing the loading time of the page) to help explain projects.

A & M Carpenters.  The A&M Carpenters’ website offers a simple design and layout. Two navigation bars help potential and existing clients navigate the website. One navigation bar provides links to just services offered such as extensions or new construction projects. A navigation bar at the top of the page providers visitors with information about A&M Carpenters, a portfolio and contact information.

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