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Best Hosting Company Website

Best Hosting Company Website

Best Hosting Companies:


Everyone these days is doing it…creating their own website or blogging. Whether you are a web design genius or have not the slightest idea what HTML is, there is a hosting company out there for you.  From free of charge to hosting sites for expert designers, here are some of the top hosting companies and why. offers a free domain name as well as free set up of your website.  Included in your $45 fee per month is unlimited data transfer and disk space. If you any reason you are not satisfied with, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Approximately 96 percent of users are satisfied with this fast growing company. charges just $95 per month. Included in your monthly fees are free domain names and free set-up of your new website. You have unlimited data transfer and disk space. Not satisfied? provides a 90 day money back guarantee for all subscribers. Approximately, 97 percent of users are satisfied with, which offers a large very of hosting options and templates.

Inmotion Hosting. Inmotion Hosting is top-rated business class hosting with 24/7 unlimited, live support.  The monthly cost of Inmotion Hosting is $9 For your fees, set-up and domain names are free. You also receive a 90 day money back guarantee, unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer. Ninety-seven percent of Inmotion Hosting users are satisfied customers.

Blue Host. Blue Host offers come of the best support on the web with unlimited, around the clock support. For a few of $95 per month, Blue Host users receive free set-up as well as a free domain name. Unlimited disk space and data transfer are also included. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Blue Host, you can get your money back at any time. With amazing support, Blue Host has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate. Blue host offers blogs, shopping carts and local support.

Host Monster. As of 2011, Host Monster has been voted the best host of the web with a satisfaction rate of 98 percent. Host monster offers free domain names, free set-up, unlimited data usage, unlimited disk space, WordPress, Gallery, online stores and a Google Adwords credit upon signing up. Host Monster offers live, 24/7 support that is not outsourced. If you are not satisfied with Host Monster, receive a full money-back guarantee at any time. Over 98 percent of Host Monster users are satisfied customers.

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