Best Radio Station Websites

by CJ McDaniel // April 17  

Radio stations are not just for your car or a portable radio. Many radio stations have detailed websites that allow you to stream their music from your office or home with ease. Others may run contests, provide music videos or allow you to get to know the DJs. Here are some of the best radio station websites out there.

Z100 New York.  Radio station websites have a tendency to have a lot going on at one time. While Z100 New York is no exception, this website does a great job of distinguishing between sections and placing the important information first.  Scrolling photos capture important content as well as video and news. Z100 New York also makes it easy for you to find them on a variety of social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter.

93 KGSR.  This Austin-based radio station is one of the more simple-designed radio stations around. The main focus of 93 KGSR is news. A majority of the website focuses on the latest music and local news. A well-designed navigation bar leads listeners to event calendars, program schedules, station information, multimedia and more.

Mix 94.1. This Las Vegas based radio station gives off the vibe of a blog rather than a webpage.  Blog-like articles and picture posts comprise the center of the page with a navigation bar on top as well as links to social media, videos and more on the side.

KCRW.  KCRW public radio is based out of Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. A student-run radio station, the website is easy to navigate and quickly locate the exact features you are looking for. KCRW allows you to listen live streams of their current radio broadcasts. Advertisements on the sides of the webpage are geared toward upcoming events at Santa Monica College.

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