The Best Writing Checker to Edit Your Written Work

by CJ McDaniel // May 27  

A Writing Checker Will Work Wonders

Writing a book can be a complicated process. It’s not just the time and energy it takes to write, but also the fact that it has to be perfect. If you submit a typo-ridden work to Amazon, the reviewers will rip you to shreds. That’s why most writers can benefit from the use of a writing checker.

Here’s the thing: even the best authors in the world don’t always get it right. Most of them have learned through trial and error. Improving with time and experience is how most writers succeed. Thankfully, you live in a technological age where help is available to you. Apps and programs exist that can assist your writing in various ways.

Writers know that using any Word document, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, already come with spell checkers. That’s rarely a problem to find for anyone looking for a little help. There is a variety of writing enhancement software on the market today, and some are free to use.

These writing checkers don’t just help with spelling, but also can fix your grammar, suggest better words, and improve flow. They come with free, and premium paid versions to give writers the help they need. Let’s take a look at two of the top types of software out there today.


Grammarly was released in 2009 and is considered one of the top writing checkers out there today. At least, it’s the most well-known. It’s a cloud-based program that enhances a user’s writing a variety of different ways. It not only detects writing mistakes but plagiarism as well. This is one tool that would be well-used in any serious writer’s repertoire.

Grammarly uses algorithms that check for over 250 different grammar rules and will suggest fixes that make the text flow better. It looks at wordiness, punctuation, spelling, and style. You can also get a version of Grammarly added to your web browser to help with everyday writing and social networking.

Grammarly has different price packages they offer. Of course, you can opt for the free version which does basic work. If you do much writing for work or school, it’s recommended you spring for the paid version. You can purchase a full year, quarterly, or monthly subscription. They even have business options where you can share the program with coworkers.


If Grammarly is the most popular writing checker out there, WhiteSmoke is the most highly rated. Several reputable companies, like Forbes and, evaluate it at the top. It’s ranked slightly higher than Grammarly because of its ability to check your writing in just about every format.

For example, you can’t use Grammarly while writing on Word. You have to copy and paste the text into their program. With WhiteSmoke, it will check your writing regardless of what document application you’re using. That’s highly convenient. Other than that, it does the same proofing work as the others.

WhiteSmoke does a great job at not only pointing out errors, but it also analyzes sentence structure and provides tutorials. It’s a writing checker that doubles as a teaching tool to help writers craft better documents. It’s for these reasons that many have WhiteSmoke at the top of their rating list.

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