15 LinkedIn Groups Authors Should Join

by CJ McDaniel // September 22  

Every writer knows the struggle when it comes to hitting it big– which is why they often seek out connections and people to network with. And as the number of aspiring writers grows every day, it may seem like a daunting task to find out where to start. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to build connections and one of them is joining LinkedIn groups. There are LinkedIn groups for authors where anyone, writers or aspiring ones, can join in.

We live in the digital age where creating connections, building networks, and reaching out to people can be done with a single click. Thanks to the internet and social media, more so for LinkedIn. But even with that advantage, self-published authors or writers like yourself might still be baffled on which platform you should gothankfully, there’s LinkedIn.

As one of the best places to reach out to professionals, LinkedIn is filled with like-minded authors and publishing professionals that are also seeking people to connect with. But LinkedIn is good for more than just connecting, there are tons of groups that are extremely helpful for writers in all levels of their author journey.

Whether you’re looking to connect with a publisher, hoping to get some writing advice, or just generally trying to connect with other writers, LinkedIn is the perfect place for you.

The Right LinkedIn Groups For You

There are hundreds–if not thousands– of LinkedIn groups out there. But the age-old adage “quality before quantity” must still be considered, especially if you’re serious about meeting the people you’d want to work with.

Whether you’re a published author or not, you can never have too many connections. To give you a jumpstart on your search, we curated 15 of the best LinkedIn groups that authors, like yourself, should join today.

1. LinkedEds & Writers

With over 40,000 members, LinkEds & Writers is one of the largest and most active groups for writers, editors, and proofreaders. This writing group has garnered a huge enough following that several subgroups have been created under it, each one remaining exclusive to a different specialty.

15 LinkedIn Groups Authors Should Join To Hit It Big | groups

It’s definitely a group that authors should join if they want to easily connect with writers sharing the same interest.

2. Two Bits

If you’re looking for a group that will test your cleverness right from the get-go, then Two Bits might just be for you. Although they share writing advice for those who seek them, they state that the group is perfect for anyone who can answer Stephen King’s question of “Who is a writer?” If you easily answered with “Those that write,” then don’t give it a second thought– join the group now!

3. Books and Writers

If you have some writing that you would like to showcase or market to publishers, this group will definitely help you out.  Books and Writers are filled with authors and publishers that are looking for the next best thing.

4. Creative Designers and Writers

Writer’s block is a common creative slow-down that afflicts even prolific authors at one point or another. Luckily, Creative Designers and Writers help their members deal with the writer’s block. Frequent topics include writing tips, constructive critiques, literary news, and more!

5. Writers World

For writer’s who are looking to shamelessly plug and promote their work, Writer’s World not only welcomes it, they encourage it. The group is home to authors that would like to share their experiences, tips, and questions. It’s for writers at any experience level.

6. Affiliated Authors

As the name aptly suggests, it’s where you can connect with other published and non-published authors. Additionally, it’s where you can promote your writing and learn tips to becoming a success as a writer.

7. Book Writing, Self-Publishing, and Marketing for Business People

Although the group was initially created for people seeking advice for their book projects, usually from those successful in the field, it has grown to cater to broader audiences and topics. To date, it also discusses traditional vs self-publishing.

8. Writers and Author’s Circle

As a place to meet other writers and start chatting them right away, Writer’s and Author’s Circle is a great group. They encourage writers, whether published or not, to connect with each other.

9.  Aspiring Writers

Among the LinkedIn groups that cater to writers, this is an obvious choice for aspiring writers who are still wet behind the ears. The thousands of members in the group share their own advice, tips, blogs, and other things they can contribute to the writing community.

10. Authors, Writers, Publishers, Editors & Writing Professionals

According to the group’s profile, it’s mainly dedicated to the discussion of the publishing industry. It’s mainly dedicated to writing professionals sharing their experiences in the professional avenue.

11. Booksconnect

For creative writers– and those aspiring to start– this group is perfect. Their discussions and articles are sure-fire ways of getting the creative juices flowing. At the same time, you are connecting with writers of the same genre.

12. The Writer’s Network

Professional and aspiring writers both frequent this group. It’s also home to agents, editors, and publishing business owners seeking to work with the next best-seller.

13. Writers

A large welcoming group that allows seasoned and new writers to hone their skills. The members provide you with feedback on your writing and give you the chance to polish your work.

14.  Published Authors Network

Although the name implies you need to be a published author, it’s not necessarily the case. It’s a perfect group even for aspiring authors to get a head start on finding budget-friendly book promotions and even literary agents.

15.  Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books, and Digital Content Publishing

The common notion when it comes to digital publishing is there is limited space, especially when it comes to networking and connecting with other e-book writers. Their discussions range from topics such as what’s currently working in the digital landscape up to topics discussing writing resources as well.

Writers & Authors group on LinkedIn

A group for writers, authors, poets, bloggers, editors and publishers on LinkedIn. Authors can promote their books freely. Writers and others related to writing and editing can participate in group discussions, a video shared by Creative Designers and Writers


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