Ultimate Internet Marketing Secrets

by CJ McDaniel // August 4  

Internet marketing, also called online marketing can be partial to a bizarre riddle. Unlocking its secrets could cause sleepless and head-scratching nights for young entrepreneurs. 

How often have you heard of successful businesses that have left no question unanswered in creating an apparently perfect website to market their company online? It’s fairly standard as this is what most companies do.

However, not all companies are in a position to do so effectively. Despite their big budgets and high-profile internet marketing teams, the majority fail more than they succeed. They then ask what indeed constitutes the secret sauce for successful internet marketing.

The main goal of internet marketing isn’t actually as elusive as you might think. It’s just about attracting more visitors to your website at the end of the day, which just means improving sales figures and bringing more leads into the sales funnel.  

Then again, even if you think you know everything there is to know about internet marketing, it wouldn’t hurt refreshing your knowledge and adding a few more secrets. 

Wanna know the ultimate internet marketing secrets? Read on to know more. 

  1. Utilize Google My Business to rank higher on Local SEO.

The market today is enormous, so how do customers actually find your business? Some people prefer walking down the street … But what about all the others? 

Digital-age businesses are now directly found on the mobile phone. All you have to do is pull out your phone, google search a keyword, and instantly get the exact result you’re looking for.

But what if your business doesn’t show up when a local Googles about the specific service you provide? That’s when you sign up your business on Google Maps(aka Google My Business). 

MOZ had a report on the top 100 local search rank factors, and in 35 of these, Google My Business was included. That implies you can just about solve all of your local search ranking problems by merely verifying your business on Google My Business. It’s that easy! 

Another strong reason to be on Google My Business is that it gives you the ability to respond to every Google review. To maximize customer satisfaction, you can thank people that support your product/service and manage lousy feedback. For both you and your customer, it’s a major win. 

Also, not only will you be able to rank better in local search on Google My Business, but it will also allow you to upload pictures to advertise your business, modify your holiday or business hours, and even connect to your Youtube account! 

  1. Don’t limit the use of Social Media in your marketing efforts. Incorporate it into your organization too. 

It’s 2020, and Social Media is not effective on just internet marketing. The ultimate power of social media is connection. You can connect with your family, friends, long-distance lovers, and even your enemy is just one click away! 

Just by using your phone, you can engage with everyone and share your daily activities. For a business potential, that power is limitless. 

So you might think, how can your business benefit from connecting your digital strategy and your daily practices?

  • Create a Facebook Group for Customer Queries 

Build a community that will be represented by your marketing manager. Have your clients share any questions they may have about your services and have the answer from your experts. 

Offer your customers great videos to show them how to use, manage, and other details about your business, and you’ll start creating a successful customer relationship.

  • Motivate Your Company to Respond and Engage on Your Social Media Pages

Upload to your social media pages and promote the content of your company. Comments, shares, and even just liking content on your platforms will increase your company brand’s hype. 

When you write something about your services on your Facebook page, and a customer poses a question on the page, compensate your employees who turn customer queries into sales.

  • Create Private Groups For Your Employees

Incorporating your employees into your Social Media strategy is a smart idea for your company. Make a private group and make membership of the group compulsory for all employees. 

Encourage your staff to use the community to discuss work activities, schedules, and everything else that happens in your company. Keeping open communication within your company helps your business in more ways than you could imagine. 

  1. Handle your Internet Leads with care. 

Internet leads are crucial to internet marketing. When handled properly, it can be a game-changer for your business. 

Here are great ways to handle internet leads that will lead to sales: 

  • Don’t assume that your customers know zero information

More often than not, internet leads are actually composed of prospective buyers who have already done their research. If you just assume that they’re ignorant buyers, it will blow in your face. 

Presuming your client is ignorant is an incredible error for any salesperson. A simple way to avoid falling into this pit is to ask the customer about the research they’ve done.

Just by saying, “What other details of our services would you like to know more?” will help you save more time and close more deals. 

  • Don’t handle your internet leads like a cold call

Most of the time, people ask about your website about your products and services want to buy, which makes them a sales prospect. Engage with your internet leads promptly, and you’ll see excellent results. 

  • Give the desired information your customer wants

As we mentioned, most internet leads already know a thing or two about your services. Keep in mind that they are informed of your competitors’ products and services as well. 

That’s why you should always take the time to give the exact information your customer is looking for. Don’t run around your internet leads, and you will see that your closing rate will increase. 

  1. Grow your social media reach

It’s no question that social media is an integral part of growing your business. It’s a great tool that allows you to connect with more customers, and the best part is, you can take advantage of this without shelling out huge sums of money! 

Posting daily content on your Facebook page, creating engaging mini webinars on Youtube, and posting regularly on Instagram can all be done with a cellphone. Anyone can do it! You just need drive and determination to widen your audience and customer reach. 

Why do you think Social Media plays a massive part in advertising your business? According to Social Media Today, people spend more time on social media than eating or drinking. 

People nowadays breathe social media, so there is little to no chance that your target audience will not see your business’ content. 

Therefore, if you really want to expand your business in today’s modern era, start being involved and active in social media. You will see significant results in your internet marketing. 

Here are tips on how to get your business active in social media: 

  • Engage with literally everyone – If you see someone liking or commenting on your post, reply promptly every time. You don’t have to start a long conversation. You can just say thank you and see how your constant engagement brings exponential growth! 
  • Post every day – When we say post every day, we don’t mean spamming your followers’ feed with marketing information or buy links. That technique won’t get you anywhere. 

Instead, post content that would add significant value for your audience. Share relatable quotes, funny videos, coupons, and how-to posts. Anything your customers would enjoy! 

Just remember the 80% Social and 20% Marketing rule whenever you post on social media. It means that in every ten posts you do each day, only two of them should be direct marketing posts. If you follow this rule, expect huge growth on your social media accounts! 

  • Be persistent – Even if you follow all our internet marketing tips, don’t expect a huge following in just a few days. Good things happen when you take your time. Just be constant and regularly schedule all your posts to get great results. 
  1. Don’t get tired of adapting to new trends

The steps in being successful in internet marketing are not made in stone. Digital trends pop up and go every day, and you need to adapt your business every time. 

We get how exhausting this is. Adapting to new trends is not easy, and even the most established marketer gets tired! 

Just remember your goal and why you’re doing all this in the first place. It might be more comfortable to do the same old routine every day, but where is growth in that?

Also, if you work hard, you’ll feel the success of your business in no time.

Tips on How to Go Viral

Going viral on the internet is a rare gem with many advantages, especially if you own a business! However, going viral is not as easy as it seems. 

There are a couple of steps you need to perfect before your post can even have the chance to go viral. Just because you think you have the most unique post doesn’t mean you will see yourself at the top of Google results! 

Want to know the internet marketing secrets on going viral? Here’s a rundown of what you should know: 

  1. Pick the proper idea for your content

It is imperative to pick the right idea for your content to go viral. Make sure you’re monitoring hot trends, news, and moods for the audience in your field. Write content focused on current events that have a huge impact on your clients. 

One good tip is to use Google Trends. Browse the trending content in your niche and observe the headlines they use for the trending posts. Take note of these trending posts’ headlines– these give you an idea of what people are interested in at the moment. 

Keep this in mind before writing your content for it to have a better chance of going viral. 

For instance, if you sell cat food, and there is suddenly a law that just passed 10% higher cat food prices, write a blog about it! Keeping your customer updated is a perfect way to ride the headline waves of news while giving your readers valuable knowledge.

  1. Figure out your promotion strategy
  • Utilizing an email list – Building an email list is always a great idea. Even if you only have ten in your list, start sending out emails promoting new content on your pages or website.Do not worry about the number of emails in your list. Everything starts at zero. Just be consistent, and you’ll see your list grow!
  • Using paid ads – Some factors restrict organic reach, and several viral campaigns use paid ads with their posts. Boosting your blog on Twitter, making a sponsored post on Linkedin, or promoting your tweet all have edges to push your content.
  • Social Media – Do not forget to share every post you make on your blog! Share the link on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, and blast it on Linkedin. Doing this will help you reach more audiences, which can start your viral spark. 
  1. Figure out the right time to post

Just because you think you have a great post that will boost your internet marketing efforts, doesn’t mean it will go viral immediately. Posting your content at the right time may seem a little extra, but you can’t deny the results. 

How do you know when is the right time to post? Utilize Google Analytics and your social media insights to see what time your content is most popular with your audience and customers. 

Post your content to get the best results at these times.


We hope these ultimate internet marketing secrets help your business climb up the ladder of success. Don’t get tired of growing your internet presence. Just keep these tips in mind and practice them every day! 

What do you think of these ultimate internet marketing secrets? Share your comments with us in the comments below!

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