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by CJ McDaniel // August 6  

So you want to launch your own podcast career? That’s amazing! Have you ever wondered if there is a tool that can be used that will help you make a good name for your podcast? A Podcast Name Generator maybe? Podcasts are enlightening, entertaining, and informative. They offer podcast hosts the opportunity to engage with their audience, promote their brands, make money selling products/services, and build valuable connections. 

But before you hit that record button, do you have your podcast name locked and ready yet? Remember, first impressions last, so you want to have a podcast name that not just explains what your podcast is, but something that your audience will find impressionable! 

How do you do that? 

The pressure is real. So instead of locking yourself in your room for days trying to come up with the best podcast name, just check out our Podcast name Generator! 

This Podcast name Generator will take the stress out of the process of naming your podcast. Simply select the genre you want and type in one or two keywords, and voila! 

Our AI-powered algorithm will generate a list of the best potential names for your podcast. Once the list shows, you can shortlist any podcast name that you like, pick what you think is best, and have your podcast show up and running! 

Oh, and did we mention that this Podcast name Generator is free? 


Tips on How to Choose the Right Name for Your Podcast

Now, we know we might have made things 10x easier for you with the use of our podcast name generator. But remember that having the right podcast will make all the difference for your show! 

With that in mind, here are some great tips on how to get your podcast name right: 

  1. Think about how your podcast name will be pronounced

Try saying a word or a phrase several times in a row. Doesn’t sound weird at the end? The name of your podcast will become one of these phrases. 

Think about how frequently you’ll say your podcast’s name in your daily conversation, your calls-to-action, and in the introduction of your regular episodes. You’ll probably say your podcast’s name a thousand times. 

So does it sound good?  

As you decide on your list of options, try saying each name aloud a couple of times. You’ll know what names don’t ring that good, so cross them off your list. 

Don’t go for names that are tricky for other people to repeat, stumbling phrases that are difficult to pronounce off the cuff, and those that don’t flow naturally when you say it. 

  1. Keep in mind the search-ability of your podcast name 

Most podcast directories refer to the title of a podcast, and the author fields when determining if your podcast is relevant to a user’s search. 

To improve the probability that your show will appear in these results, consider using keywords that potential listeners will use when searching for information on your subject.

Podcasts rely on the power of digital media these days. So like it or not, your audience growth highly depends on how your podcast show can easily be found through keyword searches. 

  1. Get feedback from your peers

Always get feedback from people you know. Before you finalize the choice on your podcast name, ask some of your coworkers, family, and friends for their reactions and first impressions.

Although you may think you got it right because you already know what you want to say, it can be easy to miss some apparent issues. By asking for constructive criticism and getting other people’s honest opinions, you can get amazing feedback on your chosen name’s wins or shortcomings. 

  1. Set the tone that you want

One powerful way of separating your podcast from the rest is to incorporate your individuality into your podcast name. To convey the right tone to potential listeners, using concise phrases, punctuation, and even misspellings.

For example, on the podcast 888-Barbara, the host Barbara Corcoran answers business, relationship, and other life questions. Her podcast name refers to the number where her audience can call for advice during her show. 

Her podcast name is a really clever way to promote her show. 

  1. Consider word-of-mouth discovery

Word-of-mouth endorsements play a significant role in growing your audience organically, so never throw that out of the equation. Talk about how your listeners will be talking to their network about your podcast. Consider whether the name is hard to pronounce, uses odd abbreviations, or has homonyms.

Seek to minimize the barriers between anyone learning about your podcast and how convenient it is for them to type it out later. You don’t want to lose the engagement of new viewers because they didn’t know how to spell your show’s title. 

For example, say you have a travel podcast, and you’re thinking of naming it “Sixteen Kms. To Go.” It may be concise and descriptive, but it can cause problems when it comes to word-of-mouth recommendations.

“Is kilometers abbreviated?,” Is the number one-six or spelled out?,” and “Is it sixteen or sixty?” are just some of the questions that will blow your chance of having a new listener find your podcast easily. 

  1. Try to insert your brand name if you already have one 

If you, or your brand, already have an audience before you start a podcast, using the same name is always easier. This will help people connect your current brand with your new podcast.

For example, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast relies on the popularity of its namesake to gain viewers. Although the name itself doesn’t tell you much about what the podcast is about, if you like Joe Rogan, you’ll probably go for his podcast as well. 

  1. Be smart with your wordplay

For their podcast names, some shows use plays-on-words, puns, or common phrases. These can help you stand out and make a statement among hundreds of other shows when a potential listener is looking for a new podcast. 

Although a witty podcast name could attract someone’s eye, you need to be careful. There is a possibility that listeners may not comprehend an abstract name. This might cause them to disregard your show immediately, especially if the witty name is not relevant to your topic or niche at all.

One quick way to test your catchy podcast name is to tell a friend about it and see if they know what it’s all about. If they can’t guess your subject (even with your cover art), go for something a little more concise.

  1. Go for direct and simple 

There’s a reason why there’s an expression called short and sweet. Name your podcast precisely what it is so your listeners can immediately identify it and never wonder what it’s all about.

Effectively and quickly describing your podcast’s Personality, content, and tone is the most essential factor to keep in mind when naming your show. It is not the time to be unnecessarily mysterious or ambiguous.

Keep your podcast name relevant and skip those choices that need lengthy explanation before your listeners get your point. 

Fun fact: Pacific Content analyzed over 650K show titles and found 75% of all podcast names are 29 characters or less. Although you have 225 characters to play with, focus on short, descriptive names for more growth.

Podcast Name Mistakes You Should Know

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your Podcast:

  1. Keyword-stuffed or overly long titles

Although it’s smart to take discoverability into account when naming your Podcast, filling your show title with overly-long keywords is a no from Apple. 

Filling over-the-top keyword stuff to your podcast title won’t earn you points. Apple Podcasts has a trick system, and it may remove or reject your Podcast if it catches a whiff of any foul play. 

If you want, you can learn more from the show The Audacity to Podcast, where the host, Daniel J. Lewis, describes how he messed up his own podcast and how he learned from his mistake. 

  1. Using expletive or offensive words

Using offensive words or sentences in your podcast name may seem edgy, but it doesn’t make you stand out from the competition. In reality, if Apple declines to authorize your Podcast, your efforts may backfire. 

Many older podcasts get away by using asterisks to replace letters in expletive words (like f*ck). But for every word that might be offensive, new podcasts fail to get authorized!

  1. Including the word “podcast” in your show title 

Don’t include the word “podcast” in your show title. It’s redundant and doesn’t actually do you any favors. If a prospective listener shows up on your podcasts app or iTunes, they already know you ‘re hosting a podcast.

The phrase “podcast,” furthermore, doesn’t tell the audience much. Using a word that defines your show and shows your personality is better.

For example, instead of naming your show, The Twitter Marketing Podcast, it might be better to call it Twitter marketing Hackers or The Twitter Marketing Deep-Dive. 

  1. Choosing a name with an unavailable domain or social handle availability

It’s going to become a big problem when you start boosting your Podcast’s branding only to discover that the exact Domain name is already owned by somebody else.

To avoid this headache, use tools such as Instant Domain Search and NameCheckr to search for a podcast name’s availability across multiple digital networks.

You can also do a quick Google search, and type your chosen name into every podcast directory you can find, and ensure that the name you want is not already trademarked.

Any popular show has a devoted podcast website and social media pages linked to the Podcast’s name. When you plan a list of podcast names, do your research to ensure you have access to its domain and social handles.

Do You Need to Name Your Blog and Podcast the Same?

Blogging and hosting a podcast go well together. If you want your podcast show to grow, you need to set up a blog alongside it.

Keeping your branding consistent across your podcast and blog will immensely help your show to be popular in the long run. Not to mention, having the same name for both will allow your audience and listeners to find your blog online easily.

Blogging is a smart way to get your podcast to gain more followers. Since podcasts are audio-only, optimizing their visibility on Google and other search engines can be difficult.

You have your podcast name, the name of your current episode, and a concise description if it’s available in iTunes. Composing a blog post around each episode will make your show highly discoverable online and add valuable information to your listeners.

You can also outline what the podcast is about, impart any resources you mentioned in an episode, and publish show notes for interested listeners.

Can You Change Your Podcast Name?

Often, changing your name at a later date might be appropriate. Maybe your podcast has grown, and you don’t think the title is appropriate anymore, or perhaps it’s too limiting. 

You can change your podcast name anytime you like. However, you can’t hope to keep all of your subscribers realistically. But if you carefully go about it, the name change shouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

Before you change your podcast name, here are some tips: 

  • If you want to change niches, make sure your followers and listeners know this.
  • Regularly communicate the changes on social media and your website, if available.
  • Make sure your audience is aware of any changes. Do it ahead of time so they can ease on the updates.
  • Effectively communicate the factors on your name change.

Don’t feel bound or stuck by your podcast name. Ensure that the name you choose suits you well. Companies frequently rebrand. And if you do it well, it may help your show to grow more than you expected.


Podcasting is not just about talking. In today’s digital age, hosting a successful podcast can help you earn a sustainable living online.

Podcasting is more than just entertainment. Other helpful topics such as Tech discussions, groundbreaking stories, educational shows, and talk shows are already covered by podcasting.

Don’t mind spending on a high-priced podcast name generator if you can experience the same standard of service for free.

We hope our free podcast name generator aids you in choosing the best-suited name for your show. Add to that our podcast naming tips, and you can have your own unique podcast title in no time!

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