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Wire comb binding utilizes metal teeth to secure documents. Wire combs are typically preferred when binding thick documents that experience wear and tear over their plastic counterparts or staples. They come in various sizes, with 19 rings being the most prevalent option.

Wire comb binding is an increasingly popular option for cookbooks, manuals, and other documents that will be frequently handled and are expected to withstand rough handling. Furthermore, its metal teeth offer a more secure binding than plastic combs or staples.

A binding machine and a supply of wire combs are needed to bind documents using wire combs. The first step should be punching holes into your document with the device; once this step has been completed, insert a wire comb through these holes and close its teeth to secure the document.

Wire comb binding is efficient and effortless to bind documents, producing professional results quickly and effortlessly. It is also durable and secure – perfect for documents that may experience heavy use or wear and tear.

Wire comb binding is an integral component of the wire coil binding process, as it secures the wire coil to its binding surface without unraveling. Furthermore, the wire comb ensures secure placement on its chosen binding surface – an essential step when binding coils.

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