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Print and publishing, the term variant refers to any version of a publication that differs in some way from its original. Most commonly associated with books printed after the initial edition, but also applicable to magazines, newspapers, or any other forms of publications.

Why would a publisher release multiple editions of a book? There may be many reasons for doing so; due to increased demand after selling out of an edition or simply wanting to make changes before publishing in a different edition (correcting errors, updating information, or including additional content), sometimes publishers release variants in response.

Variants can also be produced for special editions of books, such as collector’s editions or signed copies. Variations may include different cover art or additional pages with author interviews or behind-the-scenes information.

Variants, whether simply new printings of an edition or significantly different editions, can make an exceptional addition to a book collection. Variants provide collectors with added value and interest; additionally, they may help access hard-to-find editions of books.

Create variants to reach more readers or provide a tailored reading experience. By offering multiple versions of a publication, publishers increase the likelihood that readers will find one that meets their needs and preferences.

Variant is an invaluable printing and publishing platform that empowers users to produce and manage their print and digital publications. Users have control over the look, feel, layout, and distribution/marketing of their publications through Variant and tools to track audience analytics and gauge the success of publications they create with Variant.

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