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A tie-in is a product or service that is marketed in conjunction with a popular book, movie, or TV show. The most common type of tie-in is a book that is based on or inspired by a work of fiction. For example, the novel The Hunger Games was adapted into a successful movie, and there are now many Hunger Games tie-in books, including an official prequel, a cookbook, and a guide to the world of the Hunger Games.

Tie-in editions are usually written by different authors than the original creators of the story. For example, the tie-in edition of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was written by Rowling, but the tie-in edition of the movie was written by Steve Kloves. This is because the author of the tie-in edition needs to be able to write in a style that will appeal to the target audience of the movie, tv show, or video game.

The purpose of a tie-in edition is to generate interest in the upcoming release. Tie-in editions are often seen as a way to promote the movie, tv show, or video game, and they are often used to market to a specific demographic.

Tie-in is a term used to describe the relationship between a book and its film adaptation. A tie-in novel is a novel that is based on a film, television series, video game, or any other media property. A tie-in novel is typically written by someone other than the original author of the work it is based on. In some cases, the tie-in novel may be the only novelization of the work in question. In other cases, the tie-in novel may be one of many.

The tie-in novel is an important part of the film and television industry. The novelization of a work can help to generate interest in the film or television series, and can also provide additional background information about the characters and world. In some cases, the tie-in novel may even be considered canon, or part of the official continuity of the work.

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