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Tie-in products or services are items marketed with popular books, movies, or television shows. One common type is books based on or inspired by works of fiction. An example would be The Hunger Games adaptation into a successful film with numerous tie-in books like an official prequel book, cookbook editions, and guides to its world.

Tie-in editions usually use authors different from those involved with developing the story. JK Rowling wrote the novel tie-in edition, while Steve Kloves wrote the movie tie-in edition. To be successful, any author selected to write the tie-in edition should have a writing style that will directly talk to its target audience.

Moreover, tie-in editions also create a buzz among the public, particularly target groups related to a movie, television series, or video game about to be released.

The relationship between a book and its film adaptation is known as a tie-in. A tie-in novel is usually a novel that is based on a film, television series, video game, or any other media property written by a different author from its original author as part of its adaptation or as its standalone novelization on different occasions.

Tie-in novels are an essential part of film and television. Novelization can be intriguing for movies and series and add some color to characters and the world. A tie-in novel sometimes becomes part of the official continuity of works.

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