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Three-quarters binding is a highly durable method of bookbinding often utilized when publishing books that will be read frequently. The spine is left exposed except for three-quarters up the spine, where an exposed portion is then covered with a different material than what makes up the rest of its cover – often an accent color or more durable material that helps this binding endure wear and tear more effectively.

Three-quarters binding (also referred to as three-quarter or perfect binding) is a style of bookbinding in which only certain areas (spine and corners of the book) are covered with a different material than its remainder – usually leather for hardcover books. Meanwhile, cloth covers are often used on paperback editions. Three-quarter binding can also be used when creating book jackets.

Moreover, this binding is highly durable due to using more robust materials like leather for spine and corner covering. Unfortunately, three-quarter binding can be more expensive since its spine and corners must be covered by more costly materials like leather.

Three-quarters binding is integral to bookbinding, helping ensure pages are securely bound together. Typically used on books intended to be read frequently or exposed to heavy use, three-quarter binding offers greater durability than other forms. Furthermore, three-quarter binding adds an air of professionalism.

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