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Threaded or chained (US) refers to publishing companies’ specific book-binding techniques. These entail sowing folded signatures or sections together through the thread or cord meant for secure and reinforcing binding.

Threaded or chained (US) binding starts by bringing together all the folded segments or signatures with several pages and precisely placing them in their orderly sequence. Finally, one or more holes must be punched through the folded edge of the sections for a thread or a cord to pass through.

Having assembled the sections, bored holes into them, then passed a strong thread or cord through them. This threading or chaining process connects each section in an intricate weave through which each part is kept intact to keep the book open and flat as it is read.

For books with frequent referencing or heavy use, threaded or chained (US) binding is best suited, for instance, textbooks, journals, reference manuals, or cookbooks. Threaded binding provides tight and secure binding for repeated turn-overs without looseness or detachments.

Threaded or chained (US) binding improves the aesthetics and functionality of books. Thus, these are highly preferred choices for both publishers and readers.

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