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Overs is a printing term that refers to the extra copies of a print job that are printed in case some of the original copies are damaged or lost.

Overs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

-To provide replacement copies for damaged or lost originals

-To have on hand in case additional copies are needed

-To sell or give away as promotional items

-To donate to charities or other organizations

Overs can be printed on the same paper stock as the originals, or they can be printed on a cheaper paper stock in order to save money.

Overs can be printed at the same time as the originals, or they can be printed after the originals have been printed in order to save money on printing costs.

Overs can be printed with the same colors and design as the originals, or they can be printed with a different colors and design in order to save money on printing costs.

Overs can be used for a variety of different purposes. One common use is to add an extra layer of protection to an underlying image. For example, if you are printing a photograph, you may want to print an over on top of it to protect it from smudging or damage.

Overs can also be used to create more interesting designs. For example, you could print a pattern on top of a solid background to create a more eye-catching design. Or, you could print a design on top of a photograph to make it more unique.

Overs are an important part of the printing process because they allow for a bit of extra room on each print. This extra room helps to ensure that the print is not cut off at the edge, which can often happen when the print is too small. Additionally, overs help to improve the registration of the print, making it less likely that the print will be misaligned.

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