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Text paper is uncoated and often used to print books, magazines, newspapers, etc. The text describes the paper’s resistance to print, whereby print is not likely to spread or smudge over the paper, which makes it suitable for high-quality printing. The word “uncoated” implies that the paper is not glossy; it has no coating.

Offset or text paper is a non-coated paper frequently used for printing books, magazines, leaflets, etc. This paper is known for excellent image and text quality. Text paper is high quality and hence used in printing documents that demand accuracy, like legal documents.

Although text paper is a good choice for high-grade printing, it is not the only type of paper. In addition, high-quality printing can be achieved using other paper types like coated paper. However, text paper is better than coated paper for several reasons, such that it is preferred for most applications.

Text paper usually does not smudge or smear like coated paper. This happens because coated paper has a coating that can act as a barrier to ink binding on the surface. However, printing these documents, such as contracts or legal documents that must be read quickly, can present a problem. Text paper is generally more robust than coated paper.

Usually, text paper is produced from wood pulp. In other cases, however, it is made from cotton or other material. Wood pulp is often bleached, resulting in a white color for the paper. Pulp is then treated with chemicals and pressed to form sheets.

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