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Subscript is a small character set slightly below the standard line of text and usually smaller than the rest.

Subscript is a small font style positioned slightly beneath the baseline that is typically used in mathematical or scientific formulae to denote multiple values multiplied together or to form small caps or capital letters with equal height as lowercase letters. It can also be used for creating small caps that match lowercase letters in height.

Lettering defines a subscript as any letter, figure, or symbol placed slightly beneath the line of type; unlike regular characters, it tends to be smaller than its surroundings. It sometimes uses mathematical notation to specify multiples of a quantity (for instance, “x squared”).

Subscripts are commonly employed in mathematics and scientific notation to denote individual parts of a chemical formula or represent mathematical indices. For instance, H2O represents water’s chemical formula; this subscript number indicates two hydrogen atoms per oxygen atom.

Subscript is an integral element of lettering for several reasons. First, it allows for more efficient use of space on the page or canvas by more efficiently communicating a smaller quantity or measurement than regular lettering could do. Second, it helps create a visual hierarchy within the text by placing less important information within subscripts. In contrast, more essential ones remain in regular lettering. Thirdly, it provides another avenue for adding information without disrupting its flow – an invaluable tool when clarifying or expanding upon ideas.

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